Sis, you already know the drill of the body: gain weight, lose weight, maintain it, bloat up, crazy periods, regular, irregular, stress, anxiety, workout, feel good, have food, eat good, eat emotional, reproduction, cycles — and that list goes on and on (cue Erykah Badu).

While we celebrate every complexity of what makes us powerful, strong and, yes complicated, we also strive to testify about how whole and healthy we are. Sometimes, it appears that the whole and healthy part are out of our control because medical issues come into play — medical issues like endometriosis, fibroids, miscarriages, chronic stress, stomach bloating, poor digestion, unexplained weight gain, and others.

Since we've got our own space here to chat, I'm going to hip you to health on the next level. There are a few things that may be keeping your body in chaos: insulin sensitivity, hormone imbalance, and poor gut health. These 3 frenemies all contribute to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) — symptoms include: anxiety, insulin resistance, hormonal weight gain, infertility, and bad cholesterol. As I often tell my sisters and clients, "kill the root, eliminate the symptoms". 

With that being said, about a year ago, I took some time to really ponder a formula that could help normalize our bodies. Meet NomaH. NomaH is a supplement for supporting women's health; a powder that can be enjoyed in your drinks, smoothies, recipes and overall mix. 

Photo: LaShonna Leonard Moore

Known as a B8-type vitamin, NomaH improves insulin, reduces androgen (unwanted face/body hair), improves ovarian function and balances neuro-transmission. Saying all of that to say, "it helps you to handle your hormones, honey!" NomaH was manufactured in a FDA-approved GMP (good manufacturing practice) lab. As a practitioner and a woman with PCOS, I also use NomaH (yes, I'm a pusher using my own supply). I started tracking my progress in the latter part of 2018, and I am tremendously pleased with my results:

– My cravings, due to insulin resistance, have lessened

– My period is regular with no heavy bleeding

– I lost my hormonal weight

– My body digests food much better

Use NomaH 1-3 times a day, just a teaspoon serving size, and it will do ya right!

Photo: LaShanna Leonard Moore

Alright, so I know you want to know where you can get it. We are preparing to hit the local health stores in our area yet, for now, you can purchase NomaH immediately on my website. Go to The Wellness Vault, and order a bottle. Shipping is included and instructions are too.

Ladies, in 2019 we are getting off of the sidelines and taking control of our health. You don't have to "accept" what does not cause you to live your healthiest life. Get back into your driver's seat, you'll be thankful that you did!

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