Divine Arte is a wearable art and wellness brand that was created by Harlem NYC native Ri Wilson and will be on display at Summit21

The young artist uses her brand to bring together style, edge, and good vibes through her intricate designs. Each one of her pieces is filled with semi-precious gemstones that provide the wearer with a combination of crystal healing properties.

We caught up with the Divine Arte designer and learned more about the inspiration behind her brand and her journey as an artist. Read on below to learn more about Divine Arte. 

21Ninety: What inspired you to launch the Divine Arte brand?

Ri Wilson: Creative boundlessness was my main motivation and inspiration behind launching Divine Arte. I wanted an opportunity to fully express myself and provide an opportunity for people to feel good wearing something I made.

Photo: Divine Arte

21Ninety: When did you first begin to consider yourself a fashion designer?

RW: I don’t really consider myself a fashion designer. I consider myself more of an artist, that’s why Divine Arte is a wearable art and wellness brand. I want my jewelry to be impactful. When someone gets a piece from me I want them to look good in it but, it’s more important to me that it makes them feel good. I use all gemstone beads in my jewelry to not only exhibit natural beauty but to promote self-balance, and good vibes to the person wearing it.

21Ninety: What are some challenges you faced when starting Divine Arte, and how did you work to overcome them?

RW: Creating foundation, organization, and finding my customer were definitely my top 3 challenges. The artist in me just wanted to create things and have it sell right away because I was hand making something unique but, that wasn’t the case. I had to put myself out there and learn what was going to work for me.

I started only making goddess crowns and they were hard to sell. I had to try different techniques, and styles to attract an audience. I definitely surprised myself with my creativity through that process, and I know that’s something that had to happen. I had to learn to take my time, come up with a plan, do a lot of research, and be more than a designer. I’m the creative, the manager, the accountant, the assistant, the investor, the brand ambassador, and I could keep going. I literally eat, sleep, and breathe Divine Arte for it to be here, apart of something like this.

Photo: Divine Arte

21Ninety: Are there any life mantras that you live by?

RW: Great things never come from comfort zones. Get out your own way and start making it happen!

21Ninety: Who inspires you?

RW: The people that have come into my life and made sacrifices for me to have an opportunity to make something of myself. They are my biggest inspirations. I was handed a wild deck of cards in this life and somehow I’m here. I wake up every day with a lot of gratitude and that keeps me going.

21Ninety: What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

RW: My mantras! Entrepreneurship is a sole decision you make for yourself. No one can turn an aspiring entrepreneur into an active one but you. A seasoned entrepreneur learned a lot of what they know along the way; you’ve got to put yourself out there and believe in what you’re doing.

Photo: Divine Arte

21Ninety: What is something you would like to see more women do to support each other?

RW: Just continue to support each other, give each other more compliments, and don't be afraid to collaborate with one another. I’ve been seeing a lot of unity in my community. I think we’re definitely on track to some more amazing doors opening for women in the near future.

21Ninety: What excites you most about being a part of events like Summit 21?

RW: I’m most excited about the feeling of community, excellence, and inspiration that I get to give and receive at gatherings like the Summit.

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