For all of the astrology lovers out there, this one’s for you! Our moon sign is an important aspect within our astrology charts and can be best described as symbolizing passion, emotion, and change. Our moon signs play an important part in how we relate to life and how we also relate to others as a result. Here’s how your moon sign plays an important part within your life and how you can truly tap into its power to reach your highest potential. Our sun signs dictate our personalities, whereas our moon signs dictate our emotions and our inner moods. Tap in below to find out what your moon sign is and how it affects your life in a variety of ways.  

Aries Moon Sign

If your moon sign is in Aries, you are emotional, aggressive, and can sometimes be impulsive. Although Aries signs are known to be a bit stubborn, you like to fight for the things you deeply want and will never settle for less. As a risk-taker, it can be easy to jump the gun and make impulsive decisions. Make sure you have all the information you need before making decisions in your life. 

Taurus Moon Sign 

If your moon sign is in Taurus, you are loyal, sensual, and graceful. You would never hurt the people you care about most and enjoy the simple things in life. Taurus signs are very giving, and can sometimes tend to over give. Make sure that you’re practicing a healthy balance when it comes to embracing the energies of others. 

Gemini Moon Sign 

If your moon is in Gemini, you are rational and emotionally intelligent. You are also a skilled communicator and you like to talk things through. Sometimes, people can misjudge your sign, though it’s always important to stand true to who you are, and to not let others have power over you. 

Cancer Moon Sign 

If your moon sign is in Cancer, you are very empathetic and nostalgic. You care deeply about the feelings of others and are always able to put yourself in another's shoes. You aren't always open about your feelings and can sometimes bottle up your emotions. Always remember to speak your truth and to stand firm in your sensitivities. 

Leo Moon Sign 

If your moon sign is in Leo, chances are that you're warm, very passionate, and affectionate. You love being the center of attention and have huge hearts. You would do almost anything for the ones you love, and can sometimes over give in certain situations. Make sure that you remain balanced and grounded always when exchanging your energy to others. 

Virgo Moon Sign

If your moon sign is in Virgo, you are patient, fair, and very analytical. Virgos have high standards and don't appreciate irrational behaviors from others. When others try to disrespect you, challenge yourself by remaining grounded and by also sticking up for yourself. 

Libra Moon Sign 

If your moon sign is in Libra, chances are that you are charming and compassionate. You believe in the idea of fairness and things being just. As a Libra, you can sometimes be overly critical of others, therefore, it's important to always recognize that the behaviors of others can also be a mirror of certain behaviors you have within yourself as well. 

Scorpio Moon Sign 

If your moon sign is in Scorpio, you are fierce and fiery. You don't like openly expressing your emotions, and you like to build all of your relationships on trust and sturdy foundations. Remember that not everyone is your enemy, and it’s safe to be open to the possibilities life has to offer you. 

Sagittarius Moon Sign 

If your moon is in Sagittarius, you are optimistic and love a good adventure. You like seeing the best in people, and like to stick up for yourself. You aren't afraid of taking a stand when needed, and as a result, you can be extremely guarded. Open yourself up to others, it’s okay to be vulnerable. 

Capricorn Moon Sign 

If your moon is in Capricorn, you are a patient and persistent person. You deeply care about success and as a result, can sometimes take life seriously. Capricorns are always working towards their next goals and aren't afraid of a challenge. If your moon is in Capricorn, remember to flow with the stream of life, it’s okay to take a break every now and then. 

Aquarius Moon Sign 

If your moon sign is in Aquarius, chances are that you’re quirky and extremely independent. Although Aquarius signs aren't known to be emotionally intelligent, Aquarians always try to do the right thing, and you’re known to be very kind and open to others. Always remember to put your pride to the side, as this can sometimes get in the way of good things. 

Pisces Moon Sign

If your moon sign is Pisces, this means that you are deeply creative and sentimental. Pisces signs feel others' emotions and are very empathetic to external energies. Pisces are known to be old souls and are commonly known to have centuries of inner knowledge within the inner depths of their souls. As a deeply spiritual person, it’s important to create a healthy balance of give and take with others, and to draw back your energy when needed.