Social media can distort our perception of reality, cause us to judge ourselves and others harshly, and it can be a time-waster if we're not careful. If you feel that your morning won't go right unless you check your Instagram or Facebook feed, you might have a social media addiction. If you base your shopping habits on what the hottest influencers promote, then social media may have taken hold of your mind in an unhealthy way. Sometimes it's wise to take a break from social media, and here are some ways to do it.

Delete Your Most Addictive Apps

We all have those favorite social media apps that can be addictive for us all. One of the first things you should do is delete all addictive apps from your phone and go without them for a few weeks. When you take this step, you eliminate the temptation to constantly look at your phone instead of doing more productive tasks for the week.  

Work on Your Spiritual and Emotional Health

The roots of some addictions are spiritual and emotional. Use this social media break to work on your spiritual life. Instead of starting your morning with Facebook, start it with prayer and reading devotionals that will help you stay grounded when life gets hectic. Listen to sermons or podcasts that feed your spirit. Start a habit of journal writing so that you can express any joys, hurts, and fears that you're dealing with at the moment. Also, use this break to figure out why you're addicted to social media.

Learn New Skills

Your social media break is also a great time to learn new skills. If you always wanted to learn how to sew, call different community centers and libraries to find out if they offer virtual sewing classes. Suppose your grandmother lives in the same city as you, plan a visit and let her show you how to make those delicious recipes that you love so much! Or consider taking an online course or two in subjects related to the industry you work in.

Bring the Romance Back

If you've been married for a while but the romance has left the bedroom, it's time to bring it back. Right before bedtime, place your phone in another room, put on one of your sexiest lingerie suits, and play some romantic music. Use this break to reconnect with your spouse and enjoy each other on a deeper level. Not only can this make your marriage stronger, but it can improve your communication too.