Singer Doja Cat is having a falling out of sorts with her fans. In a series of interconnected events, the “Say So” singer has been facing backlash from her fans primarily because of her apathetic behavior toward them. The situation, which imploded into an ugly back-and-forth on the Threads app Sunday, seemed to have been brewing below the surface since the rumored identity of Doja’s new boyfriend was revealed.

To keep you abreast of all that’s been going on between the “Kiss Me More” singer and her fans, 2Ninety put together a definitive timeline of events.

The Boyfriend Problem

In early June, the entertainment news Twitter page Pop Crave posted a picture of Doja Cat and singer J Cyrus making out and holding hands on a yacht in Mexico. Social media users have accused J Cyrus of taking advantage of women in his early streaming days on Twitch. Since the news broke of the relationship, many of Doja’s fans have called her out, tagging her in posts where J Cyrus’ behaviors are mentioned. Several have asked her to divest from someone with such an alleged unscrupulous past.

Fans then started to suggest that they were being blocked by Doja Cat for calling out her alleged partner. The singer responded to one fan on Instagram.


Doja went on to tell fans she never has and never will care what they think about her personal life

“GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE,” she continued ending the message with a “haha.”

The Apathy Problem

Doja Cat has maintained her stance of not caring what her fans of think of her anymore. The Grammy-award-winning artist has taken various, edgy routes in recent times; from cutting off her hair to going on combative rants that continue to antagonize her fans. She also recently scolded her fans for calling themselves “kittens” or “kittenz.” She took to Threads to tell fans she doesn’t like the nickname.

“That means you need to get off your phone and get a job and help your parents with the house,” Doja scolded.

This came even as a fan pointed out that it was the name she gave her fan base.

“When i was an alcoholic teen,” Doja wrote in response to that point. 

The back and forth, which she deleted afterwards, resulted in criticisms and expressions of disappointment from her fans. One user even wrote an open letter recommending that she holds herself accountable. Her fan accounts have started deactivating their pages. in response to the latest online quarrel.