The simple answer to taking breaks, is that no one will tell you to take a break, and no one will tell you what your body truly needs. You are the only person that can control the amount of work you take on and the amount of energy you continue to put forth within different aspects of your life. Our bodies are our best teachers, they can tell us when we need to drink more water and when it’s time to get some sleep, as well as telling us when something just isn't right.  When you’re overexerting yourself in so many different areas, it can be hard to really pull back and assess what it is your body truly needs, however, we can begin to give back to ourselves by breathing first, slowing down, and giving ourselves the rest we so rightfully deserve. 

So often the Black community and society often perpetuates us having to “overwork.” What we don't fully understand though, is that the work we do rarely matters, unless we’re giving ourselves the necessary time we need to rest. How can we do good jobs within the workplace, if we have no energy? How can we begin to give back to the people we love, if we have no energy? How can we begin to make a change in our external environment, if we’re not making a change within our internal environment? The time has come to change what we’re so often told, and to essentially change our lives as a result. In order for us to change the narrative here, we have to first identify why we’re overworking ourselves in the first place. 

You’re overworking may be a result of people-pleasing or trying to prove something to yourself or others 

If you’ve found yourself saying yes! To any of the above, then here are some ways you can incorporate more breaks within your life, while also taking a moment to realize that you’re not the only one that’s constantly overworking as a result of something deeper. 

Plan out your breaks in advance then decide how much time you want to give back to yourself

Planning out your breaks in advance can help you to tackle your busy day with ease. Just how we plan our to-do lists and our tasks, why not plan for your breaks in between? You will feel much more refreshed and rejuvenated as a result. 

Take more mindful breaths throughout the day 

When we can intentionally choose to breathe more mindfully throughout our busy days, we can therefore help to give ourselves that needed relaxation. When we’re constantly working, it can be hard to stay in the present moment, and to rather, choose to be still from the external noise. 

Go for more walks 

Taking necessary walks throughout the day can help to fuel us while also giving us that energy we’re constantly exerting. Getting fresh air can also help you to alleviate stress, worry, and anxiety. 

Take some time to meditate 

Society really underestimates the power of meditation. Meditating throughout the day, especially in the morning can really help to change a good day from a bad one.