Is it that time of the month when you are starting to feel more confident and sexy? If you are thinking about risking it all for your “favorite” ex, then it may be ovulation time.

During ovulation, women start to feel a little more risqué because the estrogen and testosterone levels in their body begin to increase. The hormonal changes during ovulation may make a woman prone to call someone from their past. It’s a move that could cause unnecessary communication with someone you decided to end communication with. By texting an ex you could conjure up unwanted stress in your love life.

Before you make that mistake, these are some ways to navigate ovulation without contacting your ex.

Photo credit: Alexander Suhorucov

Read your Favorite Book

There is nothing like reading a self-help book or a romantic novel. Escape in the world of literature, and not in delusion of avoidable intimacy. Reading a book not only gives you more knowledge, but may also bring more clarity to your mind. Your imagination runs wild during ovulation, so let your mind dive deep into a bestsellers words rather than the sweet nothings of an ex lover.

Take a Relaxing Bath

To relax your mind during ovulation, turn on your favorite R&B playlist and prepare a hot bath. Pour natural essential oils into the water and soak your body for 30 minutes. Afterward, lather yourself in your favorite body butter for a smooth texture. It is an amazing solution to get your mind off your ex and enjoy time with yourself.

Write in your Journal

Ovulation is the time when your hormones are raging, which can come with a lot of thoughts and feelings. To avoid drama and overstepping your boundaries, write everything down in a personal journal. This is a private place to document all of your funny stories, memories and desires for the future. Use the journal to even jot down the naughty texts you wanted to send to your ex but decided not to.