Don’t you wish it was easier to take your skincare essentials on the go with you? And not just when you’re traveling, but even throughout your everyday excursions?

Well DPTMNT is making that wish a reality!

The “debut rebel lifestyle brand is flipping the script on skincare by removing the BS and giving consumers the opportunity to do skincare in a way that works for them.”


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DPTMNT’s essentials are made with “clean and effective ingredients” that allow you to stay on the move, instead of being confined to your bathroom. 

How exactly is this possible, you might ask? Well, DPTMNT utilizes waterless skincare, and each item is packaged in sachets – allowing you put it to use wherever, whenever. 

The sachets are accompanied by two mitts which are used to easily apply the ingredients to the face, mess-free. Afterwards, the sachet and mitt can be safely recycled through the brand’s ongoing partnership with TerraCycle. 

Now, onto the products!

The DPTMNT lineup includes an Exfoliating Cleanser, available for $5, which refines texture and brightens the skin with a blend of AHA’s, BHA’s and honey.

Courtesy of DPTMNT

It features a Toner, also available for $5, which utilizes apple cider vinegar, vitamin B3 and arnica to purify the skin and balance its PH levels.

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It also includes the Vitamin C Serum ($5) which brightens the skin’s complexion through a blend of Vitamin C, E and ferulic acid. According to the brand, “this serum has less chance of oxidation” since its packaging protects it from light and air exposure, in contrast to the packaging of many other Vitamin C products.

Courtesy of DPTMNT

The Anti-Pollution Serum ($5) protects the skin from pollution and blue light radiation, while also reducing free radical damage with a blend of myramaze, blueberry extract and amino acids.

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It also features a lightweight Moisturizer ($5) that hydrates the skin through a blend of buckwheat honey, sea buckthorn oil, and cica.

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Purchase five packs of each, at a price point of 5 for $25. Or purchase the entire Suite collection for the same cost.

All items can be purchased at!