Your ear stack game should show a little personality if you want to turn heads. Ear piercings are a fun way to express your style and go beyond basic jewelry looks into something more daring. Sleek symmetry or deliciously random, the options are endless when it comes to ear piercings. There is no right way to go about creating your ear stack but there are some tips that make it all the more irresistible.

Beyond lobe piercings, some other ear-piercing locations include the daith, helix, cartilage, conch, tragus, industrial – just to name a few. Folks with an affinity for ear stacks often feel that it is overwehleming to choose from the options when getting started. They also may feel it is impossible to ever be finished. However, finding the jewelry that sparks joy and keeps your ears looking pretty is the best way to go about it. Consider it an ongoing project that shifts and develops as you discover awesome new ways to adorn your ears.

If ear candy is always on your mind, then check out these top ways to make sure your ear stack is flawlessly on point.

Cartilage/Helix love

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Ear stack enthusiasts will appreciate what jewelry brand Mejuri brings to the table. Think minimalist meets big, bold, gold-plated energy. Cartilage and helix piercings are super popular and easy to style. The elegant and bold beaded cartilage hoop is sure to add some fun to your look. If the texture isn’t enough, the 14k solid yellow gold is long-lasting which is always preferable.

Dainty layers

It goes without saying that layers make an ear stack striking. Lovisa’s gold diamante and freshwater pearl ear stack pack has all the variety you’ll need. Mix and match with a range of hoops and studs to make your look yours. No matter which piercings you have, these stack-ready earrings can be used in multiple piercing positions.

Crystals and Precious Stones

Anyone else a sucker for crystal-bearing jewelry? The beauty of incorporating crystals or precious stones into your ear stack lineup is that it makes for a truly personalized look. If you go for a stone or crystal with color, this will create an edge to your overall ear stack appearance that will set it apart from many others. Pharah has a wide collection of crystal jewelry for your stack. These Amethyst sterling silver earrings are a great addition that add warmth to the art of ear stacking. Trust Pharah to leave your ears feeling like a sacred site worthy of adornment.

Statement Huggies

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While we cherish a classic pair of huggies now and then, we all deserve to own that one pair that brings out the inner diva. This is why statement huggies exist. The statement huggies elevate your piercings vision to new levels, and with minimal effort. These Perri Foia Curlew huggies make that diva energy both attainable and alluring. With no less than four sparkling rows of round-cut cubic zirconias, the small hoops scream glamour. The curved posts keep these 14k gold-plated brass huggies in place all day long.

Zodiac ear stack

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Reppin’ your zodiac has never been easier with these ear stack wonders. The PDPAOLA zodiac earrings are genius to have in the mix of your curated stack because they complement your other piercings easily. The details in these earrings also score points and present a fuss-free way of looking super well put together. This 18ct yellow gold-plated sterling-silver Scorpio zodiac set has an asymmetrical, constellation design. Experiment with placements to achieve an arrangement that makes your ear stack pop.

Gold-plated essentials

Once you become a pro stacker and a regular in your local piercer’s chair, you’ll understand the importance of some staple earrings. These simple and trusty sets work to fill the space for when you have some bolder pieces commanding the attention dangling from your ears. Also, it’s always great to have some extras at hand if you’re prone to magically losing piercings whenever you leave the house.

Silver stack staples

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For those who can pull off a steely, badass all-silver look, this one is for you. Some silver ear stack supplies in your jewelry box is never a bad idea. The different shapes and sizes of these sterling silver staple earrings are perfect. This set also works if you live by the ‘less is more’ rhetoric. A minimalist’s approach to ear stacking is always welcome on our mood board.

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