Do you think about what’s in your skincare as much as what’s in the food you’re eating, fam? Yeah? Us too! It's important to recognize that what we put in our body matters as much as what we put on our bodies. Multi-use cosmetic line, NOTO Botanics, strongly advocates for this style of healthy living. In an industry that heavily manufactures products filled with chemicals, pollutants and fillers, makeup artist and founder, Gloria Noto, created NOTO Botanics to produce the highest-quality organic products aimed to reflect the change she desired to see. 

Treat yourself to the best of the best, sis. In NOTO's growing effort to provide our skin with purely natural and organic ingredients, check out Gloria's #glowup skincare routine for us all to incorporate in your daily lives:

STEP One: resurface scrub

Photo: NOTO Botanics

Polish and cleanse with this blood orange, alpha hydroxy acid and walnut powder formula. Your skin will be left feeling brand new with this gentle exfoliate. Combine with any liquid body soap to go beyond your face.

Step two: Deep serum

Photo: NOTO Botanics

Each drop of this potent oil is a nutrient-dense drink from the earth. The serum will brighten and protect with hydration rich, age managing elements and fresh notes that will deeply penetrate the skin and senses. This serum is great for all skin types including sensitive, dry, acne-prone, oily or combo.

Step three: Moisture Riser Cream

Photo: NOTO Botanics

This powerful yet lightweight hyaluronic acid cream will leave you glowing with hydration. Revitalize your skin’s outer layers by looking and feeling softer, plumper, and nourished. Expert tip: keep it in the fridge to add an extra cooling and de-puffing finish.

Step four: Genet Stain

Photo: NOTO Botanics

Genet comes in two ways (stick + pot) with multiple uses. Dab it onto lips, or cheeks for a fresh, lightly pigmented stain or layer it on for the sultriest pout.

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