If you tuned into Super Bowl LVI this past weekend then you definitely saw five time Grammy award-winning legendary Gospel duo, Mary Mary, perform “Lift Every Voice And Sing.” And if you didn’t, don’t worry – we’ve got you with a clip below. 

Both ladies looked beautiful, as per usual, but one thing that stuck out to many viewers was Erica Campbell’s stunning figure.

After the performance, social media users hopped right onto Instagram to give the Gospel singer and radio host her flowers – leaving comments under the above post, like “BAAAABBBBBYYYYYYYY!!!! You FOINE” and “Love it!!!! How you lost the weight?”

Campbell clearly noticed the love and jumped back on Instagram a couple days later to share her secrets, writing, “I had been stuck at 184lbs for a long time! In January I changed my mind and my habits! Added water fasting to my regular lifestyle weekly! Accountability with my trainer and my sister Alana. Had to cook for my family even though I wasn’t eating past 8pm. I was tempted to just eat what I wanted but I held on! I am 169lbs but I wanna be 150lbs…” 

She continued the post by thanking her fans for their words of encouragement, and reminding them that the journey will get hard, and there will be moments where they feel like they aren’t making progress but “DON’T QUIT give yourself time to celebrate the small wins… Do the work and be patient…” 

And that’s exactly what Campbell has been doing. 

If you remember, the Gospel singer has actually been on her fitness journey for quite some years now and her progress hasn’t always been embraced. She caused a stir back in 2013 when she posted three side by side photos in a white form-fitting dress after her single “A Little More Jesus” was nominated for a Grammy. Many users criticized her for the post because they felt that her title as a Gospel singer didn’t warrant her being able to portray herself in a sexy light. 

We’re glad to see that no matter the obstacle Campbell has stuck to her guns, prided herself on her fitness strides, and looks quite good while doing it. Keep doing your thing, girl!