Erykah Badu is known to be a trendsetter, risk taker and fashion killer. She’s also notably outspoken. In her latest controversial take, Badu is hinting that a recent costume worn by Beyoncé on the Renaissance World Tour may be a little familiar to be deemed a coincidence.

Photo credit: @beyonce/Instagram

Hats Off

Beyoncé shared the outfit at the center of the controversy in an Instagram post from her tour stop in East Rutherford, NJ. In it she’s seen wearing a massive metallic top hat.

In her Instagram stories Badu shared Beyoncé’s post with the text “Hmm,” written underneath.

On her next Instagram story, Badu shares an image of herself, onstage, wearing a similarly styled hat. Then a few stories later she shares a reel that includes the same image of herself on stage wearing the hat.

“I guess I’m everybody stylist,” she wrote under the reel.

While Badu never directly accuses Queen Bey of copying her style, the insinuation is there.

On Twitter, some fans questioned the posts.

“i will never understand ppl who see their influence as something negative. like you’re ERYKAH BADU girl obviously mfs are constantly influenced by you. IT’S YOU,” one user tweeted.

Another pointed out that Beyoncé has included hats of this style in her visuals since the “Formation” era.

“The hat is literally formation’s iconic signature look,” one user wrote.

Tandem Tours

Both Badu and Beyoncé have been criss-crossing the country as a part of their respective tours. Badu’s, Unfollow Me Tour, wrapped up July 23 after 25 stops. Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour is still in full-swing. She has several stops left before the tour ends October 1 in Kansas City, Mo.

Despite Badu’s criticism, Beyoncé has mostly received love from fans and fellow singers. Jill Scott recently applauded the “Break My Soul” creator. Many other celebrities have made it a point to attend the tour both stateside and when it was in Europe.