It's been a long and winding road for the fashion industry when it comes to making clothing for plus-size people. While some brands like Savage X FentyChristian Siriano, and others embrace the diverse shapes that women come in, most still subscribe to outdated designs that leave plus-size women feeling less celebrated than they should be. 

Enter E!’s Nina Parker. The body-positive advocate and host of Nightly Pop has collaborated with retail giant Macy's for a collection that promises to celebrate the bodies that, for far too long, have been relegated to uninspiring silhouettes, matronly cuts, and muted color schemes. 

Nina will also be making history as the first Black woman to collaborate with Macy's on a plus-size collection. The collection will feature 17 pieces in sizes 16W-24W and includes tank tops, form-fitting dresses, denim, loud prints, and fun fabrics—something Nina noticed was missing when she'd try to buy clothes off the rack for herself. 

"With plus sizes, it's like they want us to hide," the Nightly Pop host explained to E!. "They're matronly, something my aunties might wear. I'm like, 'I don't understand why big has to mean conservative.'"

She'll also be taking the shame out of the shopping experience for plus-size women by demanding her collection have better placement than the usual back of the store setup. "Sometimes you feel like you're getting a drug deal," she says. "It's like, 'Why do we have to feel like we're being alienated because of our size?'"

The Nina Parker Collection will hit stores on May 14th, but this is just the beginning for her vision. She plans to expand to include swimwear, shoes, jewelry, and shapewear. "I'm reading your comments," she says. "I'm looking at what I put on. So just know, if you think it's not available in your size, it will be." 

We are so looking forward to seeing the entire collection. She debuted one of her signature dresses on last night's episode of Nightly Pop, and it's everything! 

Congrats, Nina! 

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