Having friends who are into astrology can be very fun but also very confusing. They’ll say words like “5th house,” “Saturn return” and more and you’ll have no idea what they mean. One phrase that you probably hear often is “the big 3.” This consists of the sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign. These three components are considered the cornerstone of your astrological identity, shaping your inner self, emotional world, and outer appearance. If you still are unsure what any of this means, don’t worry. Here’s a breakdown of the Big 3.

What is The Big 3?

The Sun Sign

Your sun sign, often referred to as your zodiac sign, is the one you’re probably most familiar with. It’s the sign that’s determined by the position of the sun at the time of your birth. This sign represents your core essence and the qualities that shine most brightly in your personality. Understanding your sun sign can help you recognize your natural strengths, talents, and the qualities that empower you.

The Moon Sign

While your sun sign represents your conscious self, the moon sign delves into the depths of your emotions, subconscious mind, and inner world. The moon’s position at your birth reveals how you instinctively respond to your emotions and the way you process your feelings. Understanding your moon sign can be especially empowering, as it provides insights into your emotional needs and how you can nurture your inner self.

The Rising Sign

The rising sign, also known as the ascendant, is often described as the mask you wear to face the world. It represents the way you present yourself to others and how you’re perceived by the world around you. This sign can influence your style, personality, and first impressions. Understanding your rising sign can be an incredible asset, as it helps you navigate social situations, career choices, and personal relationships.

Identity Within The Big 3

Astrology, like identity, is multifaceted and unique. You bring your own cultural and personal experiences to the table, and the ‘Big 3’ in astrology offers a lens through which to understand and celebrate this diversity. It’s crucial to recognize that the combination of your sun, moon, and rising signs creates a complex and beautifully unique portrait of your identity.

The Big 3 isn’t as complicated as it may sound! Having a better understanding of these components can be a powerful tool for self-discovery, personal growth, and empowerment. By delving into the depths of your sun sign’s core essence, your moon sign’s emotional landscape, and your rising sign’s outward expression, you gain more insight into your multidimensional self.