“When you look good, you feel good” is a mantra that social media influencer and entrepreneur Ari Fletcher lives by. Since becoming an internet sensation, the 27-year-old has leveraged her audience of over 7 million followers to successfully boost the brands she’s partnered with. As well as solidify her name as one of the undeniable ‘It-Girls’ of this generation. 

Fletcher, who always serves up a look whenever she steps out, is now offering fans the secret behind her glam and self confidence. Remedy By Ari, she says, is her personal “definition of beauty” and “remedy to beat bad days.” The brand’s uncompromised mission is to provide “quality, vegan products suitable for real-life beauty routines.” And its initial launch consists of “10 juicy glosses, 1 luxurious eyeshadow palette, and 8 opulent lip liners with rich formulas, kismet in soft, provocative packaging.”

21Ninety sat down for an exclusive interview with Ari Fletcher who shared what inspired her to enter the beauty world with her own line of products. She spoke on what an ‘It-Girl’ means to her. And what fans can expect as Remedy By Ari continues to expand and more!

Jadriena Solomon: First and foremost, congratulations on the launch of Remedy By Ari and of course, selling out all of your lip glosses in the first 3 hours! I know you’ve said this project has been a long time in the making.  So I want to start with, what inspired you to enter into the beauty world with your own line of products?

Ariana Fletcher: I’ve always loved makeup and especially lip glosses. That’s why I wanted to release lip glosses first because I love a really nice lip. And I’m super obsessed with makeup overall. I’ve been wearing makeup for years, and I wear it so much because I’m always going out and going to photoshoots. So I know exactly how I like my makeup, and I have a tendency of always wanting to fix other people’s makeup – I’m just super into glam.


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JS: You are a “macro influencer turned serial entrepreneur.” You’ve flawlessly utilized your social media to boost the presence and awareness of so many brands, racking in millions upon millions. As you look back on the journey to get to this launch day, what would you say was the biggest challenge about launching your own brand and how did you get through it?

AF: I would say getting the perfect products. It took us a really long time to get everything to where I felt like it would be one hundred percent perfect for everybody to wear. And then I really had to come to an assured place in making sure that all of the products were ones that I genuinely loved. That whole process took almost a year.

JS: Remedy By Ari stands on the pillars of inclusivity. It offers vegan products, and this first launch includes the “ultimate ‘It-Girl’ starter kit.” As a proclaimed ‘It-Girl’ yourself, what is an ‘It-Girl’ to you?

AF: Somebody who has influence. Someone who everybody loves to watch and be around. Someone who is a hard worker and can handle her own – just an independent, strong woman. 


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JS: Have you always felt like an ‘It-Girl’? And how was it initially adjusting to hearing that title being given to you from others?

AF: It wasn’t too hard adjusting. In high school, I was always the pretty, popular girl. I’ve always been the spoiled one out of my siblings and used to get my way a lot. But I think it’s also different taking that title on from other people. So that was kind of different for me. 

It did feel a little weird because it was like, ‘Okay, wow. All these people like me and all I’m doing is just being myself.’ It was kind of weird. But I’m literally just being myself and I really love and embrace all of the love that people have for that. I’m so thankful. 

JS: These first launches of Lip Glosses are moisturizing, smudge-proof, non-sticky and formulated with shea butter. The Signature Eyeshadow Palette is a “daily mix of highly pigmented, rose-toned neutral shades.” And the Lip Liners feature a “smooth, smudge proof” formula that naturally enhances the fullness of the lips with bold, intense color. What are your favorite products or shades from this launch? What are the undeniable must-haves?

AF: I love all the products, but my favorite that’s out right now is ‘The Don’ and ‘Viral.’ We’re also going to be dropping a brand new one very soon – I literally just got the batch in today. And it’s called ‘Pink Matter.’ This one is now my ultimate favorite – even over ‘The Don’ and ‘Barely There,’ which sold out first. That’s the clear gloss so everybody loves ‘Barely There.’ But those are my super, super favorites. I have all of them in my purse right now. 


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JS: What else can fans expect from upcoming collections as Remedy by Ari expands?

AF: We have another big campaign coming up. We also have a holiday collection and some special things going on for Black Friday. We’re also going to have some random releases in between those dates. 

We’re also going to release some liquid lipsticks, some body shimmers, concealers – everything. We’re doing the whole nine. Anything as far as makeup, we’re going to have it. 

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Ari’s Beauty Campaign Photos: Chad Lawson

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