Veteran actress Lauren London has returned to the movie arena with the recent release of Tom Clancy's Without Remorse, starring Michael B. Jordan. Her reintroduction to the motion-picture screen comes at a pivotal time in the 36-year-old's life as she continues to navigate the highs and lows of her very own healing journey. 

Ironically, London's character Pam Kelly is closely intertwined with her personal connection to the spiritual realm. "I really resonated with Pam's afterlife and the essence and energy the character still has throughout the film. I also resonated with her being a guiding light for John [Kelly] and providing some type of peace and comfort. When he needs her, she shows up," the mom of two said when asked what attracted her to Pam's character.  

But in looking at Lauren London's trajectory from appearing in music videos to television and film acting, her precision to choose roles that genuinely reflect her essence has been a constant theme that has helped shape her successful career. And now, after nearly twenty years in the industry, London's evolution as a woman deeply rooted in faith, purpose, and living with intentionality both personally and professionally is abundantly clear.

21Ninety chatted with the Los Angeles native to discuss her new film, forthcoming projects, what ignites her flame as a creative, and finding the courage to keep moving forward in pursuit of her dreams. 

Dontaira Terrell: What is one word to describe Pam Kelly?

Lauren London: Loving.

DT: I would agree with you. Before the home invasion, we received a glimpse of your character, Pam, who was happy and fun-loving. There were a lot of new beginnings taking place in her life. So if you were in the writer's room and could reimagine Pam's role in the film, what would that look like?

LL: I don't think I would change anything because changing anything would have changed so much of the reason why John Kelly was on such a revenge tip. I can't honestly say that I would be in the writer's room with any changes. I think how she was written in the film and how it came about is exactly how it should be.

DT: You've been in the industry for many years, and being in the entertainment business can be disheartening at times. Where do you find your courage to keep moving forward in pursuit of your dreams?

LL: I think intention is really important. Your intention on why you choose your path, and your journey has always kept me in line. My intention has always been to ultimately just shine God's light. And to also be a light, an inspiration, a source of encouragement, and not forget the why. The purpose of it all. 

DT: Aside from Lauren London, the actress, can you tell us something people wouldn't know about you from a quick Google search?

LL: That's such a hard question. I don't know what people don't know, and I've shared so much recently. I feel like I've been in the industry for a while. And now, so much of my life has played out publicly. 

But I guess the answer would be that I'm not that social. I'm an only child, so I like to be in my home. I can watch the same movies all the time, all day. I listen to smooth jazz. I wake up and light a candle, and I like my peace. 

DT: And thinking of your range as an artist, what ignites your flame as a creative in deciding where you go next?

LL: Well, I think life naturally, just as an artist because as life unfolds, your art unfolds. They kind of go hand in hand. And because I'm so intentional, moving forward, I want to make sure I stay in alignment with the truth of my life and how I can give as an artist with my life experiences.

DT: If you were to describe your life in a movie you've starred in, what would it be and why? 

LL: Oh, that movie hasn't been made yet!

DT: What's next? Is there anything you can share about any upcoming projects?

LL: Nothing that I can share as of now. I am also being very gentle with myself and my process and continuing my healing, as well as being there for my kids.

DT: Yes. Extending yourself grace. I love it. Continue to do that. 

LL: Everyone's so busy, and sometimes we don't understand that in growing, being still is so important for growth.

DT: This sounds like one of my recent therapy sessions when I told my therapist it was uncomfortable to sit still sometimes.

LL: Because we're so busy trying to distract, it's like, 'What do you have next? What are you doing next?' And what's next will come. I must be prepared. And in preparation, I must be still.

DT: Thank you for that, because I needed to hear it.

LL: You're very welcome. Essentially you are the opportunity. We're so busy trying to chase a bag, and the bag is manifested; it will come. But you must first dwell inside and figure out what's going on internally; it's all inside. So I plan to do more internal work and let that manifest.