Muni Long is the chart topping songstress behind the inescapable, viral sensation, “Hrs & Hrs.” As well as the writer behind hits like Rihanna’s “California King Bed,” Ariana Grande’s “Imagine,” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Love So Soft.”

Since taking the internet and radio waves by storm with the independently released “Hrs & Hrs,” Long has shown no sign of letting up. She signed a deal with Def Jam Recordings, released her follow up EP, ‘Public Displays Of Affection Too,’ appeared on singles with John Legend and Saweetie, and most recently shut down the stage at the 2022 BET Awards.

Read as Long shares her latest venture: a partnership with CÎROC, how she likes to unwind after a long week, what legacy she hopes to leave behind through her creative endeavors, and more!

Jadriena Solomon: Of course we have to start off this interview highlighting your partnership with CîROC, and announcing Summer Citrus as a permanent flavor in the brand’s portfolio. Why initially drew you to this partnership and why did you feel it was the perfect fit?

ML: I partnered with CÎROC to kick off the season of fun and relaxation. CÎROC Summer Citrus is now here to stay as a permanent drink to welcome sunnier days.  After long periods of time away from home, it’s the perfect complement to my summer celebrations with friends and family with delicious golden hour cocktails. 

It’s time to have fun. It’s time to kick back. And it’s time to enjoy all of the wonderful things that have happened throughout the year. Especially for me, I’ve had an incredible year. And I’m glad to be a part of this wonderful, Black-owned brand. 

JS: You are someone who is always on the go, from recording to performing to doing interviews like this. I’m sure winding down with a cocktail at the end of the week is never a bad idea. What is your favorite cocktail to make using CîROC Summer Citrus? And how else do you like to unwind?

ML: The Golden Hour Cosmo for sure, the recipe is simple to make and has a light and refreshing taste, I love to unwind with a glass of it after a long day. It’s light, and it’s refreshing. 

One thing that I like to do to relax is actually design acrylic nails. I have a big box full of nails that I love to paint. Another creative outlet for me is playing the violin, and I also read a lot. Those are my three big things.

JS: You just dropped a single with John Legend. You released your second EP, ‘Public Displays Of Affection Too.’ And you shut down the stage at the 2022 BET Awards. I’m curious to know, have you had that moment of feeling like, ‘I’ve arrived,’ or do you feel like you still have a ways to go?

ML: That’s a great question! I think it depends on what the destination is. If my goal was to perform at the BET awards then I would say I’ve arrived, but I have no limits on where this is going. I just want to keep creating until I get tired – which I don’t plan on doing for a long time. 

I have so many ideas, and so many different mediums [that I want to tap into]. Like fashion, beauty, film, TV – I also love to cook. There’s also a live performance element as well. So there’s just so many things that I could do to express myself. And I think you just need that one thing to open the door for you, so people can respect your ideas and regard you as someone that can make great things happen. I think “Hrs & Hrs” was that for me. And I love that my label, and partnerships with Def Jam help to accentuate that. 

I don’t think I’ll ever feel like ‘I’ve arrived,’ just because the finish line will always keep moving.

JS: You are someone who is undeniably a veteran in this industry, and it’s amazing to see you receiving the recognition that you deserve, especially through a Black-owned brand like CîROC spearheaded by a music icon like Diddy. As you look ahead in your career, and life overall, what are some goals that you are striving to accomplish? What legacy do you hope to leave behind?

ML: It’s a pleasure to be able to partner with such a prominent brand like CÎROC especially to introduce Summer Citrus as a permanent flavor. CÎROC has always been a brand that innovates culture trends, and I can only hope that I have the same impact. 

I hope to have several brands, to be a part of incredible moments in time – and Diddy’s a great example of that. When you think of him you think about Bad Boy, Sean John, CÎROC – just culture, period. Same thing with Kanye. And I would love to have that same impact, especially as a Black woman. To be associated with bringing things into the world that people enjoy and that they can use in their everyday lives. 

So whether that’s movies, whether it’s beauty like Rihanna – whatever it is, I hope that I will have an impact that lasts long after I’m gone.  

Check out the recipe for the Golden Hour Cosmo below!

Golden Hour Cosmo

1.5 oz CÎROC Summer Citrus


Bar Ice

Gently Stir

.5 oz Orange liqueur

.5 oz Fresh lime liqueur

1 oz Cranberry juice

Preparation: Add all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice and shake for about 10 seconds. Strain into a coupe glass and garnish.