As no stranger to hustle and hard work, entrepreneur, singer/songwriter, and television personality Tammy Rivera expands her empire stepping into the beauty industry launching her luxury skincare line BeccareBeccare, which is available online now for purchase, advocates for both women and men to feel beautiful in their own skin starting with a fresh face that glows. Rivera also celebrated the grand opening of her new T-Rivera Swim and Resort Wear Boutique located in Atlanta, GA.

21Ninety caught up with the multi talented mom boss to talk about her new venture in the beauty industry, resort wear for women of all sizes and much more!

Liz Smith: What made you want to get into the skincare line?

Tammy Rivera: Um, it’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. People on Instagram always compliment my skin and I’m known for being online with no make up on, no lash, clean face so it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and something I get asked about. I’m such a fan of skincare lines and skincare products

Courtesy of: Tammy Rivera

LS: Got it! So what would you say makes your skincare line different from all the others?

TR: Well, I started mine out with just a kit of things I use on my everyday skin routine. I have my exfoliator, my skin cream which has SPF and women of color need that, daily face wash and eye cream. My line includes everything that I literally use on an everyday basis. Also everyone can use it! My mom who is 62 uses it, my daughter uses it, men can use it because it’s great for all skin types.

LS: Okay that’s good to know because I was literally going to ask you if it was something men could use as well!

TR: Yes, absolutely. My partner is a man, he’s actually my bestfriend’s husband and he uses it all the time!

Courtesy of: Tammy Rivera

LS: Getting into any industry isn’t easy so what would you say to those who want to create a skincare line and join this beauty industry?

TR: I’ve been through my own battles with facial products that did the opposite of what the package promised either drying me out, breaking me out, or adding oil. So it prompted me to be proactive and create something myself that would enhance natural beauty and a distinct glow to where people wouldn’t even feel the need for social media filters anymore. That is Beccare. So if you have a dream, desire or see a need for your product just do it!

Courtesy of: Tammy Rivera

LS: Love it! Great advice. Now let’s talk about the resort line! I’m looking at all your pieces and everything is super cute! What inspired this line?

TR: Well you know I’ve been having my swimwear line for almost like 6, 7 years now and I was kind of getting bored and tired of it. However, I love traveling and I love being tan, glowing skin, cute flowing dresses, things that are soft against my skin so I said let me do resort wear! So it’s like a three in one for my products. Pack your skin care line, your swimwear and pack your resort wear. That’s all you need.

LS: Yeah you’re definitely covering it all! What I can say is that you were one of the first to be inclusive with sizes when it came to swimwear and you literally have something for everyone. Zero discrimination and I know people really appreciated that because you’ve been about it from the very beginning.

TR: Oh my goodness yes! Thank you! My mom does not play when it comes to plus size, she be on me. So I do go from extra small to three X. Gotta provide for all sizes.


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Beccare is now available for purchase online.