Kelsey and Kendra Murrell are the stars behind their joint YouTube channel, the Glam Twinz. The Georgia-based influencers regularly create lifestyle content for over half a million subscribers, but they specialize in hair care videos. Ranging from hairstyle tutorials to their hair care routine, any subscriber won’t be neglected from their informative videos. After transitioning to natural hair in 2009, the twins developed a love for hair products, and it’s been uphill from there. 

“[Creating a YouTube channel] wasn't something that was intentional,” Kelsey said. “We just enjoyed it, and we just turned it into a job pretty much. Since we were little, we would always go to the beauty supply store when we were eight or nine.”

Watching YouTube videos as a young Black girl in the late 2000s meant extensively searching to find a Black woman creating lifestyle and beauty content that specifically catered to you. Currently, YouTube’s beauty vlogger market is oversaturated, leaving it impossible for new creators to find a space on the platform. When Kelsey and Kendra created their channel in 2010, they noticed the content that was lacking on the site and let their creativity roam. Their video inspiration usually derives from viewers’ requests or solving a dilemma that is relatable to their subscribers.

For those interested in starting a lifestyle channel, the sisters recommended authenticity, passion and consistency as the key to unlocking your greatest potential. 

“I feel like the most important thing is to be authentic and yourself,” Kendra said. “You can add something new to YouTube, because there's replicas of so many different channels nowadays. So be yourself definitely, and have a clear vision for what you want your channel to look like.”

Along with building their platform on YouTube to one million subscribers, the Murrell twins are successful authors. In 2016, the dynamic duo released their best-selling book, "The GlamTwinz Guide To Longer, Healthier Hair," to share their personal secrets to growing longer and healthier hair. With over 200 positive reviews on Amazon, the twins' success is proven in their 137-page book. 

“Honestly, we never really took the time to enjoy the moment because right when our book came out, we went on like a book tour,” Kelsey explained. “That was a very busy year, but it was fun and very gratifying. A lot goes into writing a book. I've always liked writing in school, but I never thought that I would write a full book. But the publishing process can be a little tricky. And with it being a self-help book, you want to make sure that the information is exactly what you would give people. So, it's not like writing a novel or anything, it’s pretty different, but it was definitely really fun,” she continued. 

In addition to being authors and internet personalities, the triple threats have recently worked with Smirnoff for an advertisement to promote an alcoholic seltzer, but their collaborations range from Essence to Impressions of Beauty.

“[Working with Smirnoff] was kind of unexpected, because that's the last thing we thought we would be doing next,” said Kendra. It was like our first big job in a long time. So it was really fun to be in that environment. It was pretty much like shooting a commercial. It was a blessing to have that.”

Although their recent collaboration was unexpected to them, the twins have deserved their recognition in the beauty vlogger side of YouTube and rightfully earned a spot in YouTube Black’s 2021 Inaugural Class. Their channel has exciting seasonal content in store for the fall and holiday season, but we’re hoping to see Kelsey and Kendra’s faces in a hair care product line in the future. In the meantime, we’ll be binge watching their beauty and haul videos.

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