With spring comes the desire to reorganize everything in your life. Add your spring skincare routine to that refresh list. As you finish up the products you used during winter, replenish your vanity with spring-ready items.

“[Your] skin may be dry and flakey from winter,” licensed esthetician Jennifer Fredette, told 21Ninety.

You don’t want to bring that flakey skin into your spring skincare routine. That’s why there are a few products to swap-in, or add.

SkinCare Products To Use in Spring

“Hydration, protection, and repair are the fundamentals to any great skincare routine, no matter the season or temperature outside,” licensed aesthetician, Blaire Arvin, told 21Ninety.

That said, as the weather gets warmer, you’ll likely spend more time outdoors. So, keeping your skin protected from the sun is even more important with the seasonal change.

To help prevent oxidative damage from getting the best of your skin – like harm from pollution – Arvin recommends adding an antioxidant-rich serum to your spring skincare routine. Also, both experts emphasized the need for sun protection as you transition your skincare routine from winter to spring.

“Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 every day, even on cloudy days,” Fredette advised. 

As for additional swaps, Fredette had some helpful recommendations. First, add a daily niacinamide serum to your routine.

“I recommend a Niacinamide serum to help brighten while reducing shine and improving the skin barrier,” Fredette explained.

Then, you should fold in weekly exfoliators and clay masks to your routine.

“Apply the mask after a gentle exfoliation 1-2 times weekly and this will keep your skin looking fresh, bright, and healthy looking.,” the licensed esthetician noted.

Finally, switch out your heavier evening moisturizer for one that is lighter in texture. Depending on your skin type, a heavier moisturizer in warmer conditions could lead to clogged pores. 

Best Clarifying Mask

Innisfree Super Volcanic AHA Pore Clearing Clay Mask

Innisfree’s Super Volcanic AHA Pore Clearing Clay Mask is based on Fredette’s suggestion of using a weekly clay mask. This fragrance-free mask uses both physical (volcanic clusters) and chemical exfoliants (glycolic acid) to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin. 

Best Cleanser

La Roche Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Face Wash

Fredette also mentioned grabbing a gentle cleanser to remove sweat, oil, and debris from your skin. La Roche Posay’s Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Face Wash is just that. It’s a minimal ingredient cleanser that removes gunk without drying out your skin. 

Best Exfoliator

PEACH & LILY Glass Skin Face Polisher

PEACH & LILY’s Glass Skin Face Polisher is a rice-based exfoliant that you can use weekly to unclog pores and smooth skin texture. Plus, you don’t have to wait for it to dry like you would with a mask. 

Best Moisturizer

NEOGEN Vita Duo Night Cream

Photo Courtesy of Soko Glam

NEOGEN’s Vita Duo Night Cream is a lightweight evening moisturizer that will get you ready for spring in more ways than one. Firstly, it’s gel cream formula moisturized without clogging pores. It has a light lavender scent from the lavender extracts and oils in the formula – no artificial fragrances are in this jar. 

Best Niacinamide Serum

CLE Cosmetics Serumide

Photo Courtesy of CLE Cosmetics

The Serumide from CLE Cosmetics is an all-in-one lightweight slightly creamy serum. Its formula combines antioxidants with amino acids, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and niacinamides. So, it will get your skin ready for spring without you needing to layer on a ton of product. 

Best Sunscreen

Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun SPF50+ PA++++ Double Pack

Avrin personally recommended using the Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun SPF50+ PA++++ Double Pack sunscreen. And, you’re getting two tubes with one order. “This hands down feels like a beautiful moisturizer and leaves zero white cast,” the licensed aesthetician exclaimed.

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