As an adult, you’re asked to wear many hats. You’ve got to focus on work, have the energy to workout, and get some good sleep, all while dodging daily stressors. It’s not always easy to find the energy to manage how your mood shifts throughout the day. So, if your mood has been all over the place, check out the Apollo wearable

It’s a device that you can wear around your ankle or wrist that helps you feel less stressed, boosts your energy, helps you focus, and promotes a more restful night’s sleep. The wearable device was developed by neuroscientists and physicians who mainly wanted to help people sleep better, recover quicker, stress less, and focus more. That means, people of all ages, including kids can wear and use this device. The Apollo wearable is usually $349 but marked down to $299 for a limited time.

What is the Apollo Wearable?

The Apollo wearable is a device that you can wear via a clip or a band. But, it’s not a watch. Think of it more like a remote control. The device sends soothing vibrations to your vagus nerve in order to help you manage your mood. 

According to the National Library of Medicine, the vagus nerve is the main part of the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system is also known as the part of your body that controls your ability to relax. As for the vagus nerve, its main job is to send signals throughout the body to manage your mood, immune response, digestion, and heart rate. 

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The Apollo Wearable and HRV

The Apollo wearable pairs with its coordinating app – available for both Apple and Android products – to send vibrations to your vagus nerve based on a series of bodily metrics. One of those metrics is your heart rate variability (HRV). 

Your HRV measures your resilience and ability to recover from stress. It’s a measure of the variability between heartbeats. You want to have a variety of heartbeats. It shows that your mood adapts to your environment throughout the day. But, if you have only one type of heartbeat it can show that you’re in fight-or-flight. For example, when you’re super stressed and your heart beats really fast at a steady pace, that’s a low HRV aka little to no variety in how your heart beats. 

How Does the Apollo Wearable Work?

The app has a series of vibration sessions (called Vibes), similar to how a music app has a wide selection of playlists. Each of these sessions has a specific vibration pattern that addresses different areas of life where you could use a little more help. Categories include sleep, stress, performance, and socializing. 

So, to get the mood managing benefits, pair the app with your device first. Then, take the Your Daily Vibes Quiz to get a personalized schedule of Apollo Vibes. Select an Apollo Vibe from your results. Next, choose how long you want to feel the vibrations – session times range from about 15 to 60 minutes. Lastly, select your intensity. As a first time user Apollo recommends starting around 20 to 40 percent intensity. 

For the best results, Apollo recommends using the vibrations for at least three hours a day, five days a week, day and night. The more you use your device, the more it gets to know you, and the more it can help you manage your mood.

Courtesy of Apollo Neuro

Apollo® Wearable

Photo Courtesy of Apollo

The Apollo® wearable comes with the device, a clip, and a medium sized band – small and large bands are sold separately. It’s available in two colors: stealth (black) and glacier (light gray).

Apollo™ Band

Photo Courtesy of Apollo

The Apollo™ Band secures the wearable to your wrist or ankle. The wearable does come with a medium-sized band. But, there’s also a small and large to choose from separately. The small is four to 7.5-inches all the way around. The medium has five to 8.5 inches covered. And, the large spans from six to 11 inches. The three color options are black, white, and gray.

Certified Refurbished Apollo® Wearables (Medium)

This fall, you can also save on a Certified Refurbished Apollo® Wearables (Medium). It comes with a medium band just like the regular version. Only this one doesn’t come with a clip. Colors include rose, glacier, and stealth. 

Apollo™ Clip

Photo Courtesy of Apollo

This is the Apollo™ Clip. It attaches to the main device so that you can wear it under your shirt or even on your bra. The clip only comes in black or white.

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