A set of false lashes delivers the extra volume that mascara can’t. While mascara amplifies, your natural lashes by making them longer and fuller, it can only do so much. False lashes add extra volume and fills in the gaps between sparse lashes. Most voluminous false lashes add length, making mascara optional. 

What is the Difference Between Classic and Volume Lashes?

Classic false lashes mimic your natural eyelashes, while adding a bit more fullness. Volume lashes increase the density of your lashes, so that they appear thicker. They tend to have more hairs on the band and arrange the false hairs in a crisscross pattern. The combination of quantity and placement of the faux lashes is what creates the dramatically voluminous look. 

Best Clusters

KISS’ Impress Falsies Voluminous

KISS’ Impress Falsies Voluminous clusters make it easy to customize how you add volume to your lashes. Each band has adhesive on it already. The set also includes an applicator for easy application. 

Best Curly Lashes

Sephora Collection’s Vegan False Eyelashes

Sephora Collection’s Vegan False Eyelashes add volume with a dramatic curl on the end. These wispy lashes also have a touch of added thickness on the outer corners. 

Best Gradual Lashes

Lilly Lashes’ Sheer Band False Eyelashes

Lilly Lashes’ Sheer Band False Eyelashes follow the natural graduation of your lash hair, as they add volume. Each band has short hairs towards the inner corners that gradually get longer and more dense towards the outer corners. 

Best Invisible Band

Ardell’s 8D False Eyelashes Maximum Dimension and Volume

Ardell’s false eyelashes have a barely-there band. When you apply these lashes, you’ll get the benefits of extra volume without a thick band resting on your lash line. 

Best Length and Volume

MAC’s 75 Heartbreaker False Lashes

MAC’s 75 Heartbreaker False Lashes add both length and extra volume to your lashes. These false eyelashes feature sturdy hairs placed in a crisscross pattern for added fullness. With proper care, you can reshape these falsies to your personal preference. 

Best Lightweight Lashes

KISS’s My Lash But Bolder 3D False Eyelashes Big Personality

KISS’ false eyelashes are falsies that don’t weigh your eyelids down. You’re still getting packed bands with long faux hairs that are placed in a crisscross pattern. The bands on these are thinner than the average set of false eyelashes. 

Best Longwearing Lashes

NYX Professional Makeup’s Major Spikes Jumbo Volumizing Lash

NYX Professional Makeup’s jumbo volumizing lash lasts for up to 12 hours of budge-resistant wear. You can reuse these false eyelashes at least 15 times before you’ll need a fresh pair. 

Best Magnetic Lashes

Lilly Lashes Click Magnetic Value Set

Lilly Lashes’ Click Magnetic Value Set comes with a set of fluffy faux eyelashes and the coordinating magnetic eyeliner. To use these falsies, apply the eyeliner and let it dry for about two minutes. Then, just lay down the false eyelashes on top of the liner for the extra volume you crave. 

Best Multi-Color Lashes

House of Lashes Americano Full Volume Faux Silk False Lashes

House of Lashes’ silk lashes combine black, brown and red wine vegan fibers for a voluminous look that isn’t pitch black. The lightweight band is barely visible, so that it won’t take away from these tri-color lashes. 

Best Value

JIMIRE 20 Pairs 4 Styles Fluffy False Lashes

JIMIRE’s Fluffy False Lashes is the best bang-for-your-buck, if you need a set of voluminous falsies for every occasion. There are five sets of four styles that vary in length and density in this pack.

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