In February, which is American Heart Month, the nation comes together to recognize the impact of cardiovascular disease. The goal is to help Americans focus on their heart health with encouraging messaging to get their friends, families, and communities involved. So, what are you planning to do to celebrate Heart Awareness Month? Here are a few suggestions you can take part in to contribute to the cause.

Wear Red on the First Friday of February

The First Friday of February is National Wear Red Day. If you do nothing else, wear red to raise awareness about heart disease. Not only does this get you involved in the cause, but it also encourages others to do the same.

Make a Change in Your Life

If you're partaking in bad habits that can negatively impact your heart health, consider making an actionable plan to resist the habit. For example, if you're eating an unhealthy diet involving high amounts of salt, sugar, and fats, try to cut back on them slowly and eat more heart-healthy foods

Or let's say you smoke two packs of cigarettes per day, try decreasing the amount to possibly one a day until you've completely stopped. While these may be significant changes, taking baby steps to achieve them can make all the difference. Hopefully, it will also inspire others in your circle to do the same. 


Partner with your local hospital to do heart-related screenings such as checking blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. You can also volunteer at health centers and fitness centers to spread awareness about the importance of physical fitness to prevent heart disease.

Educate Others

Talk openly and candidly with your family and friends about the prevalence of heart disease, its risk factors, and how to prevent it. If you have kids, teach them the importance of staying active to start building the habit at a young age. All in all, whatever you decide to do during American Heart Month, make sure it helps make an impact for both you and your community.