Sex is a natural part of dating and relationships. And there are many ways to enjoy it. But when it comes to female ejaculation, many women find that sex can feel humiliating and even shameful.

Fortunately, female ejaculation is nothing to feel embarrassed about. In fact, the experience is completely normal and even desirable to a number of sexual partners.

Women And Sexual Health

Sex is a taboo subject in America and even moreso in other parts of the world. But especially when it comes to women.

Not too long ago, many people believed that women were supposed to have sex to bear children, NOT for pleasure. As a result, women were expected to be modest and chaste. And any woman who wasn’t was often shunned by her community and society as a whole.

This expectation is still very common in many cultures today, including many parts of America.

Female Sexual Liberation

Over time, more and more women began demanding more for themselves. They wanted to be seen AND heard, especially when it came to their bodily autonomy. This helped open up more conversations around sex and sexuality.

Popular television shows like “Sex and the City” and even “The Golden Girls” portrayed women having healthy and happy sex lives while maintaining careers, families, and friendships. Plus, superstars like Rihanna and Megan Thee Stallion are leading the charge for women to feel empowered about their bodies and sexuality.

About Female Ejaculation

Even though we’re not completely liberated, we’ve made a lot of progress. Unfortunately, there are plenty of subjects surrounding sex that are still kept on the hush-hush. Female ejaculation is one of them. But if you’re a woman who experiences female ejaculation or simply wants to learn more about it, this is a safe space to do so. Here are some things you should know about female ejaculation and why it’s not something to be ashamed about:

Female Ejaculation Is Perfectly Normal

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Not to be confused with discharge, female ejaculation happens when a woman becomes sexually aroused, causing her to release fluid from her urethra. It can happen before, during, and even after an orgasm.

More research is needed to understand why it happens; however, studies suggest that when a woman’s G-spot is stimulated, it causes her skene’s glands to help produce the ejaculatory fluid that secretes from the urethra.

Some experts believe that all women experience female ejaculation without knowing it. This is because the fluid doesn’t always leak out of the body. Instead, it sometimes flows inward into the bladder to pass during urination.

And No, It’s Not Urine

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Many believe that the fluid that leaks during female ejaculation is urine. But according to scientists and medical professionals, it isn’t.

Women can release two types of ejaculatory fluid. The first is a clear fluid without an odor. This type is typically released in larger quantities.

The second is a thicker milky fluid, also without an odor. This type of fluid looks similar to semen and typically releases in much smaller quantities.

Experts agree that both types, however, aren’t urine. Instead, research suggests that the fluids contain a form of sugar called fructose and prostatic acid phosphatase, an enzyme commonly found in male semen.

Many Women Feel Ashamed Of It

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Because so many people believe that the clearer fluid is actually urine, many women feel ashamed when it happens to them.

Not to mention, a lot of people are unaware that female ejaculation is an actual thing. So when it does happen, they may be shocked and not know how to respond.


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If you experience female ejaculation, there isn’t anything to be ashamed of. It’s a perfectly normal sexual function similar to male ejaculation. In fact, the fluid released often comes from a woman’s skene’s gland, which many call the female prostate because it functions almost like a male prostate.

But It’s Actually Pretty Common

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Scientists are unsure why it happens, but female ejaculation is more common than many people believe.

According to a report from the International Society for Sexual Medicine, up to 50 percent of women ejaculate during sex. And in a study from The Journal of Sexual Medicine, nearly 70 percent of women between 18 and 39 experienced ejaculation during an orgasm. 

But even though it may be common, it isn’t always discussed. Partly because it isn’t widely understood and partly because talking about sex can feel awkward.

But talking about it can help reduce the misconceptions surrounding it. And as a result, more women can feel confident about their sexual health and bodies.

And Even Desired

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Because the subject is pretty taboo, female ejaculation is not always talked about. But it’s actually a desirable “skill” that many men AND women appreciate in a partner.

So much so that some women even try to learn how to develop the skill themselves. And even though experts are divided on whether women can train their bodies to do it, that hasn’t stopped a lot of women from trying.


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Believe it or not, there are a number of classes available for women to learn how to “release.” They cover things like common erogenous zones and how to tap into them, massage methods, and the best sex positions to make female ejaculation more likely to happen.