In today’s era, accessing information is at the tip of our hands. Gone on the days of laborious research at the library or detailed referrals. Information is readily available with little to no effort required of the subscriber outside of taking the time out to read or view the information being given. This makes for a fluid transmission of information, but it also creates an opportunity for scammers and the ill-informed to build platforms that produce content filled with misinformation and/or scams to take your hard-earned money. There are so many -not so expert, - experts giving out advice that you should not listen to, so here are a few that I follow that offer sound advice about finances and credit.


Ms. Wright is a money coach that demystifies personal finance. Holding a Ph.D and being a Certified Financial Education Instructor, Wright takes a very layman’s approach to finance. Her straight to the point and relatable advice equip the least financially savvy person with tools to get their finances on point.


Coined the Beyoncé of personal finance, this account not only offers humor that speaks to your soul and witty thoughts regarding the current labor force and its dilemmas, this account lays personal finance on the table and makes it bare all so that you will have a sound understanding of personal finance in its totality. If you are a millennial, this account is so for you. 


Dasha is a financial activist that “advocates for your finances personally and politically.” She doesn’t deal in the cliché realm of personal finance. She talks the nitty gritty, offering tips that are not only easily adopted into your current financial situation. She digs a little deeper looking at personal finance holistically instead of just black and white. 


Credit repair is one of the biggest things trending on social media right now. Everyone promises you A-1 credit and the ability to purchase the AMG G63 and penthouse loft downtown. However, everyone has a price that isn’t always reflective of the services they offer. What many fail to realize is that credit isn’t a quick fix and without proper education you can have it repaired and will be in the same predicament months later. Anita breaks down credit as well as offers financial advice.


The Finance Bar looks at finances in a health-driven way. Playing to the holistic understanding of finance, The Finance Bar teaches you to incorporate things that ease you into financial wellness. When we are out of shape, we condition our bodies one day at a time, little by little. Before you know it, we are able to run miles and perform our workouts with greater ease than before. That is because we have built a tolerance and adjusted accordingly. The Finance Bar does that with finances offering tools and financial workouts that condition our mind and behavior towards finances. 

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