Texting has become one of the quickest and most effective ways of getting your point across to someone. Quick and concise messages like “what do you want to eat,” or “wya?” are some of the quickest ways to get the answer you need from the person you’re in contact with. However, when it comes to the person you’re interested in romantically or sexually, you may want to put in a little more effort than a daily text. Sending a mundane “You up?” text leaves no room for excitement or thrill. The power of seductive, thought-provoking texts can ignite the flames of passion and keep the sparks flying. So, if you’re looking to elevate your late-night conversations and make your partner crave your virtual presence, here are five spicy texts that are way better than the classic “wyd” text.

No More ‘You Up’ Texts

The Compliment

Nothing ignites a romantic spark like a well-timed compliment. Try something like, “Just thinking about that gorgeous smile of yours,” or if you were in person with them that day, “You looked incredible, I would love to see more of you.” This message not only boosts their confidence but also sets a romantic and passionate tone for your late-night ventures.

The Fantasy

One way to turn up the heat in your conversations is to embrace your inner storyteller. Share a passionate fantasy that leaves your partner wanting more. Whether it’s an intimate dream you’ve had or a tantalizing scenario you’d like to explore together, this text can make your partner interested in reenacting those fantasies. Try, “I had the most exciting dream about us last night, I’d love to tell you about it over a glass of wine.”

The Tease

Teasing is a playful way to create a sense of anticipation and desire. Sending a flirty message can spice up your late-night texts, making them more exciting. Try something like, “I’m wearing your favorite color right now,” or “I bet you’d love what I have on, would you like to see it later?” This will leave your partner guessing and eager to spend some time with you.

The Memory

Reminiscing about a special moment you shared together can bring back fond memories and reignite the passion. Share a memory that still gives you butterflies, such as, “Remember that night you took me back to your place after we saw that jazz concert? I can’t stop thinking about it.” Revisiting spicy moments can help bring back that same spark you’re reminiscing on.

The Bold Invitation

If you’re feeling daring, why not send a direct invitation? Try a message like, “I have an idea. How about we make tonight unforgettable?” or “I can’t wait to see you. How about you come over tonight?” This message not only expresses your desires but also gets the message across that you are ready to take control.