As spring shifts into summer and your social calendar starts to heat up, figuring out what to wear to work to avoid an extra stop before your evening activities can be a bit of a challenge. Not only do you have to account for the change in temperature as you move from day to night, but you also have to ensure that you’re not doing too much for the office or too little for that hot date.

If you know like the fashion girlies know, then you know that the secret is to fill your summer wardrobe with pieces that can easily fit two moods by adding or removing layers and accessories. Here are a few combinations and looks we love.

1. NOBO Floral Shift Dress ($16)

Despite its spaghetti straps, this flirty dress can easily be made office appropriate by throwing on a chambray shirt or lightweight sweater, some casual loafers and minimalist accessories. Out and about running errands before meeting up with colleagues for drinks? Pair this dress with some low top sneakers or cute espadrille wedges, and some heavier statement jewelry to complete the early evening look. And you can always lean into the flirty vibe by rocking these with a pair of heels, keeping your accessories classic and understated.

2. Terra and Sky Button Up Floral Shirt and Matching Bermuda Shorts ($20 & $16)

Anytime a button up shirt is involved, the possibilities for versatility are virtually endless. The simplest iteration of this outfit would see you wearing the shirt fully buttoned and a simple pair of sneakers for brunch with your friends or a casual Friday at work. Want to turn up the heat a little?  Leave the shirt open, accessorize with a cropped tank top and finish your look with statement pieces like these gold necklaces by Black Diamond Accessories or MP. And if you choose to land somewhere in the middle, consider wearing the two matching pieces with a chunky heel or wearing the shorts with a t-shirt or blouse in a complimentary solid color.

3. TIME & TRU Gingham Shirt Dress ($18)

When it comes to injecting your wardrobe with multifunctionality, very few dresses will lead you astray. And this rural inspired piece is no exception. For a daytime work event, consider buttoning the front all the way up, adding a simple pair of hoops and wedges for an outfit that draws attention without seeming out of place. For a less serious version of the look, pop those buttons open, add some layering necklaces, a funky pair of hoops and some bangle bracelets.

4. Scoop Women’s High Waist Pleated Wide Leg Pant ($36)

These pants could easily become your favorite item of clothing and carry you well into fall. Create a fun, sexy look by wearing these with a spaghetti strap cami, bold accessories and sky-high heels. Make it a more casual look with a shirt with contrasting details like this frilly Sofia scoop-neck top and a pair of wedges. Or throw on a silk blouse or blazer to bring the look into the office.

5. Sofia One-Shoulder Bodycon Dress ($22)

At first glance, this dress absolutely seems to be the star of any party, especially if worn with a pair of strappy sandals, this MFK geometric clutch and metallic accessories that scream “look at me, but not too much.” That same combination could easily be suitable for a work dinner or fancy late bite with your parents with the addition of a tailor blazer. But you could just as easily make this number the star of the daytime show as well by pairing it with some low white sneakers, swapping out the metallic accessories for a simple pair of hoops, and adding a cute fanny-pack inspired crossbody bag like this one by Madden NYC.

6. Scoop Stripped Midi Skirt ($29)

Paired with a blazer and silk cowl neck top, this skirt is perfect for an important presentation at the office or client meeting. Afterhours simply drop the blazer, swap out your work pump or flats for a pair of strappy sandals and you’re ready for happy hour cocktails with friends, or whatever the night might hold for you.

7. NOBO Ruffle Midi Dress ($18)

Finding a dress that works for business and pleasure is always a plus. And this one definitely falls in that category. Throw on a cardigan, button-down shirt or blazer to meet any office dress code; then after work, the dress’ fitted top and plunging neckline are just fun enough to fit every other aspect of your life. And whether your day consisted of running errands, a quick playground run, or continuing your path towards corporate conquest, a couple of accessories is all it takes to bring this look into the evening. Try adding bold hoop earrings, a few bangles, and retro platform sandals like these by Sam & Libby.  

Bonus: all of these looks and accessories are available at Walmart, which means you can stay on trend while also sticking to your budget… or redirecting those funds to summer fun!