New York Fashion Week is the most awaited week in September. After all, it sets the tone for the upcoming season and gives us a healthy dosage of inspiration for the months to come. As much as New York Fashion Week is about the clothes, sometimes the details leave us in as much awe as what they're wearing. What stole the show (or shows in this case) happened the be the hairstyles. 

Florals were big this year and were seen on, in and draping from the models’ hair. The latest trend was seen at Mansur Gavriel in forms of daisies pinned into the models’ hair as well as at Rodarte where the flowers were oversized and draping from the hair. 

photo: Getty Images

According to Byrdie, Mansur Gavriel went for a natural and effortless look which they achieved with a bit of eyelash glue and perfectly bloomed daisies. Laurent Philippon, Bumble and Bumble’s global fashion director, shared that the show’s aesthetic was dainty and fit for fantasy. 

"It’s the Mansur Gavriel fantasy, everything looks natural and effortless, but it’s extremely calculated; we study every single girl down to each individual strand of hair," Philippon told Byrdie about the look.

When it came to Rodarte’s show, Odile Gilbert — Tresemmé’s NYFW hairstylist — took the models’ hair to the next level with oversized roses tucked into the models’ hair and draped around their crowns. While Mansur Gavriel went for the effortless and natural look, Rodarte went for the "sophisticated and whimsical look," according to Gilbert. 

As we get ready to go through winter and are looking forward to spring 2019, it's exciting to see how florals in your hair are going to make a dramatic entrance. So, grab your flowers, ladies. And then keep scrolling for some more hair flower inspo to fill you up until you can wear these in YOUR hair:


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