When women are looking to travel domestically to get a Brazilian Butt lift, Florida is usually the first choice to go for the surgery. However, at least 19 women have lost their lives in the area in the past five years in the area. Now the Board of Medicine in Florida is taking further action to curb the alarming death rate.

Last year alone, 8 women died from a BBL procedure due to a fat embolism after the procedure. Now, the Board is issuing an emergency order that limits a surgeon to only three BBL surgeries per day, to avoid fatigue. This comes after it reviewed the deaths in the area and came to the conclusion fatigue may have played a huge part in a few surgeries that went wrong last year.


The emergency order also requires doctors to use ultrasound technology when performing BBLs so that they can avoid injecting fat into the muscle. The order does expire in 90 days, at that point the Board will review cases again.