As I continue my journey in life, I have to make sure to allocate time to assess my progress. An annual life check up to make sure everything is healthy and working properly is always a good thing.

I usually start by seeing how I'm spending my time now compared to the past. I ask myself question such as: Am I happy? Am I feeling fulfilled? Am I where I want to be? Where do I see myself a year from now?

I have to actively make sure that I'm constantly moving forward because it's easy for a minor setback to keep me from moving on. I personally find it helpful to do my annual life check-up towards the end of the year. Last week I reviewed my 2018 list of goals. I was able to see where I've made strides and accomplished goals, and there are some goals I set that have completely been fulfilled, and others have yet to come to fruition. I'm not in any way discouraged or disappointed because I'm more focused on achieving specific goals than trying to carry out things just to check them off a list.

Overall, what I've learned in 2018 is to understand what it means to be fearless. I'm no longer letting the fear of failure to keep from attempting things. What has helped me become fearless is redirecting my attention from rejection. I'm now too focused on getting a "yes" that I'm not worried about hearing a no. 

The fear of rejection is no longer something I worry about when attempting something new. As I develop more as a person I'm learning from each and every experience. Everything has become a learning moment for me, and I want 2019 to be a learning experience. Through my experiences of 2018, I've learned where I've gone wrong and what works for me.

The things that I've learned in 2018:

  • – Hold my head up and make eye contact
  • – We are not all on the same journey
  • – My end goal is not the same as someone else's end goal
  • – Listen and learn from others
  • – Have the ability to say I tried something
  • – Everything is not meant for me and I'm not meant for everything
  • – "Move with intent" via Ayana Iman
  • – The end goal is not to impress others
  • – I'm in competition with myself
  • – Be able to change and adapt to whatever happens
  • – Only control what I can
  • – One good opportunity is all you need.
  • – Speak up, other's can't know what's going on in your head, so share how you are feeling
  • – It's about how you spend your time and what you have gained from your time spent

As of now, I have created a short list of goals for 2019. This is a working list that is going to change and adapt as the year progresses. Having a game plan will help guide my upcoming year. I want to elevate myself and my work! 

The new year allows me to focus my attention on new projects and free my mind of the clutter. No more making excuses for not having time.

My game plan for 2019:

  • – Continue to grow as a person
  • – Move with intent when making decisions
  • – Monthly goals that are measurable
  • – Focus on the yes's and don't worry about the no's
  • – Pursue more personal business goals with Jubilare
  • – Don't be shy and make some waves
  • – Listen and Learn
  • – Continue to write
  • – Polish up my speaking skills
  • – Travel more (London 2019 and Toronto 2019)
  • – More Jubilare
  • What are your goals for 2019?
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