There is nothing better than having silky, smooth, and radiant skin. Vibrant skin can give you a confidence boost and make every selfie that you take instantly stand out. If your goal is to have silky smooth skin, this article will give you a breakdown of what to keep high on your priority list and what not to do altogether.


Get Some Sunscreen 

Although many people think that sunscreen is only appropriate for the summer, the SPF in sunscreen is effective if you want to get rid of nasty sunburn. If you want to get silky smooth skin, then consider getting some sunscreen. 


If your skin has some build-up of dead cells or residue, this can cause your skin to break out in skin blemishes. Exfoliating with a scrub at least two times a week helps the skin to feel silky, smooth, and glowing. Using a moisturizer afterward further nourishes the skin.

Diet and exercise

Incorporating a diet and exercise regimen into your lifestyle is a surefire way to improve your skin's texture. Drinking water, stocking up on greens, and exercising regularly helps your body to stay hydrated and get rid of toxins. Although every woman has a unique metabolism, consider incorporating vegetables, low-sugar, and lots of water into your menu.

Keep Pillowcases and Bed Sheets Clean

Leaving your bedsheets on the bed longer than they’re supposed to stay on can cause bacteria to build up. This bacteria can eventually cause irritation and unwanted skin breakouts. Consider washing and changing your bed sheets and pillowcases weekly.


Sleep with makeup

Makeup can be a lot to handle especially after a long and hard day. The temptation to just go to sleep without taking off your makeup can be tempting, but the build-up from the product can clog your pores and cause your pores to become clogged and oily. Using a gentle cleanser, rose water, or make-up remover before sleep is important.

Take Scathing Showers

Long, hot showers might feel great at the moment, but in the long term, they can do significant harm. Exposing your skin to boiling water for an extended time can damage your skin. Instead of turning up the heat level on your water, use slightly warm water. 

Missing Meals

Although this is not often talked about, missing meals can cause your skin to dry out and develop wrinkles quicker than they’re supposed to. To stop this from happening, develop a plan to have a balanced diet and try to include vitamins B3 (peanuts), C (kale), and E (avocados) to improve your skin’s health.


Although tweezing your brows can make your brows look sharp, over-tweezing can cause significant damage to your skin. Instead of going overboard with the tweezing, do it minimally and always make sure to keep your tweezers clean by washing them with antibacterial soap after each use. After you tweeze, use an aloe vera lotion to soothe your skin.