We love to watch as the Christmas nails roll out of season and the top of the year nail designs roll in with glitter, sparkle and shine! Here are seven nail trends perfect for this year that we love to watch take over our feeds as the new year settles in. 

1. Jewels, Jewels, Jewels

Nothing says go big or go home like bejeweled nails. At your next nail appointment, ask your nail technician to pull out all of the rhinestones and gemstones to bedazzle your nails and feel free to go as crazy as you like. You can keep the look all monotone with one color or choice, or opt in for a rainbow that will be sure to catch everyone’s attention. Take a look at this set designed by nail artist Juan Alvear.

2. Velvet Nails

Who doesn’t love nails that give a look of optical illusion? With a “signature velvety sheen,” velvet nails give the illusion of texture but remain smooth and glittery to the touch. It’s the perfect option for someone who wants to stun when the light hits their nails just right. Check out this beautiful set by nail artist Amy Le. 

3. A Gold French

This is the nail design we never knew we needed in our life. Of course, a traditional white french set is beloved and will continue to be for ages, but this gold twist is mesmerizing and perfect for the New Year. It can be achieved with a thin gold lining of polish at the tip, or your nail artist can use gold 3D nail stickers at the tips.

4. Marble Nails 

Marble nails is the most stunning nail design that will definitely have everyone asking how you achieved the look. What’s best is that you can pick any color to match your outfit, and even dress it up with some nail accessories as shown by California nail artist, Yenni, below.

5. Pearls Galore!

If you want to take your nail design to the next level, then opt in for some 3D pearl accessories. It's a great, inexpensive, way to jazz up any nail design and you can even do so by yourself at home. All you have to do is order self adhesive pearl stickers, which usually run less than $10 on Amazon, and voila – you’re all set!

6. Cut Out Blue French Tips

There’s so many twists to a classic french tip, and this cut out look is one that you’ll for sure want to try. The electric blue is the perfect color to catch everyone’s attention, and ensure that you’ll have the most unique nails in the room. 

7. The Champagne Look

It doesn’t get any more "New Year, New Me," type of vibe than this. For this look, nail artist Nicoya Grobman took a classic french tip and accessorized it with clear caviar beads to create a wet look reminiscent of champagne. With this nail design, you’ll have everyone trying to grab a peak!