Summer is quickly approaching, and I'm sure you've already been tasked by your friends and family to host a cookout or barbecue, or they've requested that you bring a dish to their next gathering. If you're tired of the run-of-the-mill hot dog, hamburger and baked beans, here are 11 recipes to reinvigorate the menus at your function!

1. Grilled potato salad with bacon vineagrette 

recipes to spice up your summer functions

A zesty twist on a summer cookout staple.

2. Parmesean-coated grilled corn on the cob

recipes to spice up your summer functions

We guarantee that you won't boil corn ever again for the function.

3. Arugula and strawberry salad

recipes to spice up your summer functions

A refreshing bite for after you hit the pool.

4. Chicken and rice salad with pine nuts and lemon 

To bring a Mediterranean flair to your cookout.

5. Green beans with lemon garlic

Add a little zest to your typical beans.

6. Spicy sweet potato wedges

An unconventional addition to this cookout staple.

7. Tropical tomato salsa

Give your chips a tropical flair with this topping.

8. Frito corn salad

I'm sure you didn't know that corn chips could work in a salad, but trust me. It's delicious.

9. Captain Palmer

Because you need drinks, of course!

10. Caramelized baked chicken legs

A simple twist on a cookout staple.

11. Cheesecake cups

Don't forget about dessert!

recipes to spice up your summer functions