Rihanna just stunned the world yet again when she revealed during her Super Bowl half-time performance that she was expecting her second child. The “Diamonds” singer is the most recent celebrity to announce a new pregnancy, and fans can’t get enough. Bringing a child into the world is a life-changing event, and it makes sense that celebrities wait to reveal the news when they are ready. Here are other celebs who have stunned us into silence with their baby reveals over the years.


Rihanna performed at the Superbowl Half-Time Show over the weekend in an all-red ensemble, complete with a long, jet black ponytail and a baby bump. The “Umbrella” singer casually sang and danced to a medley of her songs at the State Farm Arena, and before long, fans soon recognized that she had a special guest join her for her performance roll-out: a baby bump.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj thrilled the Barbz and all well wishers when she shared a post on her Instagram page that paid homage to the aesthetic she had in the early 2010s with one word: “Preggers.” Understandably, fans were immediately ecstatic.


Beyoncé is a queen for many reasons, but top on the list is for her ability to guard her personal life away from the ever-prying eyes of the public. In 2017, Queen Bey announced the pregnancy of the twins in an Instagram post that quickly garnered a massive amount of likes, 6.7 million likes, to be precise — in just eight hours

Keke Palmer

Last year, Keke Palmer announced her pregnancy on “Saturday Night Live” when she was hosting. During the gig, Palmer mentioned that she was expecting her first child, and the rumors, which had been swirling the internet for months about her pregnancy were true.

Cardi B

Cardi B has had her share of surprise reveals. In 2021, the “Press” rapper took to Instagram to share that she was expecting her second child with Offset. Immediately, fans shared their congratulations and raved about the aesthetic of her pregnancy shoot.


Ciara is a national treasure, and above all things, is known for her undeniable impact in pop-culture, so fans were thrilled when the “Body Party” singer took to her Instagram page to share that she was expecting her third child. In a dreamy post, inspired by a Turks and Caicos backdrop, the singer simply captioned the picture ”Number 3,” and fans went into a frenzy as the congratulations poured in.

Kelly Rowland

In 2020, Kelly Rowland made her pregnancy announcement on Instagram, while unveiling her Women’s Health cover and her growing baby bump. Fans were excited and started to share their congratulations.

Naomi Osaka

Earlier this year, renowned tennis superstar Naomi Osaka shared on Instagram that she was expecting her first child. In a heart warming Instagram post, the icon shared that although she had been under the radar for a while, she was excited at the next chapter: motherhood. Naturally, fans were both thrilled, surprised and happy for Osaka, who has made her undeniable mark in the world of sports.