Protective styles are an easy way to transcend your everyday style. From faux locs to Fulani braids, the options for incorporating protective styles into your everyday routine are endless. Think Loose braids with curled ends, these styles in particular are extremely versatile and low maintenance. By offering a blend of tradition and modernity, Fulani braids are a time-honored style that highlights cultural heritage and practices. The style first originated in West Africa and the Sahel region by the Fulani (Fula )people. After widespread recognition, the nomadic community then passed the style to further generations. From different styles to the length, Fulani braids can be as versatile as you decide to make them.

As a way to communicate social status, Fulani braids serve as a way to communicate social status and hierarchy to others within the Fulani community. They are also ways women communicate their age, whether she’s married or unmarried, and their place within society.

Classic Fulani Braids


Traditional Fulani braids are a great option for those new to the style. By featuring sleek and thin cornrows with a center part, traditional Fulani braids can be added with beads, cuffs, or shells at the ends.

Bantu Knots With Fulani Braids


Fulani knots are small, raised knots along the hairline, enhancing the elegance of the braids while adding a unique flare.

Fulani Pigtails

Featuring two braids styled on each side, Fulani pigtails often extend down the back. They can also be aired with decorative accessories like beads, cowrie shells, or metallic cuffs for a striking effect.

Fulani Braided Bun


Fulani braided buns are a cute and effortless style. Styled with cornrows, Fulani bunds are braided towards the back and gathered into a chic bun, creating a neat and sophisticated look for day-to-night wear.

Fulani Mohawk


This edgy style involves braiding the hair along the center of the scalp, leaving the sides shaved or closely cropped. This style is perfect for those wanting an edgy look and feel to their everyday look.

Fulani Braids with Beads


Fulani Braids mixed with beads come in various colors and sizes and are threaded onto the braids. Beads add vibrant accents and a cultural flair for an everyday look.

Fulani Twisted Crown


Twisted Fulani crowns are used to create a crown-like pattern around the head with the remaining hair left loose or styled in a bun.

Fulani Braids with Zigzag Parting


Fulani braids with zig zags offer a fun and playful look and feel. Styled with cornrows, these braids can be done diagonally or in zigzag patterns across the scalp.

Fulani Braids with Extensions

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Long Fulani braids are a time-honored style that looks good with any style and aesthetic. By adding extensions to the braids, extensions allow for limitless creative styling options such as intricate updos or flowing ponytails.

Fulani Braids with Curly Ends


Fulani braids with curly ends are left loose towards the ends and curled either with a flat iron or flexi-rods. This particular style creates a playful and dynamic texture that contrasts with the neatness of the braids.

Fulani braids are fun, versatile and add a unique style to everyday life. No matter what your style is, Fulani braids are extremely low maintenance and can be put together in a sophisticated or edgy way.