Finding new ways to connect to our roots and stay fit is always at the top of our list. Whether your health goals include gaining strength, becoming more flexible, or just moving your body in a more rooted way, Jaynene Johnson's yoga, HIIT, and West African dance fusion fitness classes, aptly titled Afro Buti, are a great place to start. 

Birthed from her need to heal an unfortunate ACL injury in college, Johnson turned to yoga to increase her mobility and deepen her internal connection. But it was the practice of Buti Yoga, a blend of yoga, tribal dance, plyometrics, and deep abdominal toning, that truly spoke to her. Layering her own experience with the West African movement to her past as a collegiate athlete, she created Primal Rhythm. Her journey was only further solidified after the arrival of her two children, when she had a desire to truly see how far her body could be pushed.  

"My youngest is now 6. His energy has inspired my exploration of primal movement. He is a natural climber and acrobat and has been enrolled in gymnastics and Capoeira. Engaging in his classes with him felt so good to use my body in indigenous ways of movement. The strength that is gained from lifting one's own body weight, as well as the balance, coordination, and flexibility that comes with it was of such benefit that I've incorporated it into my practice. Hence, Primal Rhythm. Primal Rhythm seamlessly weaves these life-changing discoveries; yoga, African dance, primal movement & plyometrics. There is a depth to this practice, and I am still learning so much more about each."

Her love for dance, movement, and intuitive fitness practice has kept her excited about sharing her knowledge with her students, some of whom are dedicated enough to take a class at 5:30 am while also continuing to dive deeper into the complexity of Buti. 

"Buti Yoga Certification taught me to understand even more how to connect with the inner power we have in all of us and how to harness it. By using the principles of deep abdominal toning and strengthening the pelvic floor through spiraling technique, hip opening, and meditation, we awaken the Kundalini energy that may lay dormant at the base of our spine. Drawing our natural unlimited energy up through each chakra, which is invigorating and empowering, allowing us to connect to our abundant creativity, personal power, and for some enlightenment."

Staying in touch with her roots and making them part of how she mindfully moves her body is Jaynene Johnson's specialty, and, thankfully, she is in the position to share her knowledge with all of us.