Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are partners in every sense of the word. Whether it’s championing LGBTQIA rights, writing children’s books or becoming majority owners in an NBA team, the Union-Wade team is strong. Now the pair are joining forces to create the first skincare line specifically designed for melanin-rich children. The sustainable line has been developed to target the skin concerns of Black and Brown kids and will be released at the end of this calendar year. 

“We’re so excited to officially announce our new baby company, Proudly. As we continue to work on new endeavors together, our goal is to always center our work around being the change we want to see while championing diversity, equity and inclusion,” the couple said in a joint statement. “With Proudly, we’re proud to have a range of products that caters to the unique skin care needs of children of color that are so often overlooked in the mass market.”

The power couple have enlisted the help of Pamela Cholankeril, formerly of Estée Lauder Companies Inc., to lead the charge as president of Proudly, and dermatologist Naana Boakye, M.D., who formulated the ingredients in the line. The high-quality products will also be the driving force behind a more intentional business model that seeks to prove that success is possible when “diversity, equity, inclusion and other ethical practices” are combined with a good business practices. 

“It is imperative that skin care brands take into account the structural and functional differences in melanated skin prior to formulating skin care products,” Boakye said in a statement. “If not, the ingredients in the products can cause skin irritation, hyperpigmentation, or possibly exacerbate an existing condition. In formulating each and every Proudly product we have taken into account each ingredient that would help maintain the wellness and health of the skin barrier.”

The products will first be rolled out on the brand’s site,, and will be available in major retailers soon after. 

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