Garcelle Beauvais is taking a special approach to being in her 50s. In a new partnership with GSK on its THRIVE@50+ campaign, the actress is placing emphasis on putting your health first as a woman over 50 years old so that you can still thrive regardless of your age.

The partnership is designed to encourage people over 50 to be proactive about their health and learn more about the shingles vaccine. Beauvais spoke to PEOPLE to share why being a part of this campaign is important to her.

Garcelle Beauvais On Gracefully Aging

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star explained how passionate she is about the partnership because of its mission.

“THRIVE@50+ is really about encouraging people in their fifties to continue to thrive, to continue to do the things that we’re doing,” Beauvais told the publication. “But we’re empowering people to get ahead of their health and ask questions about your vaccination with shingles, talking to your pharmacist.” 

She revealed that she recently learned about shingles, which is mostly common in people over the age of 50. Once she became aware, she made sure to implement health checks amongst her friend group. Beauvais explained that a sisterhood over a certain age needs that accountability.

“We all check in on each other. Have you gotten that done? Have you gotten this done? Are you talking to your pharmacist? I think all those things are important,” she explained. “If we can all commiserate or cheer one another on or be supportive, I think we all win. We’re stronger together.”

Beauvais also explained she was told that getting older would inevitably be the start of her decline, but now that she is in her mid-fifties, she doesn’t feel that way at all.

“I do feel like I’m thriving in my fifties, not only because I am staying ahead of my health as much as I can, but also I’m more self-conscious and I’m more active,” she shared.