Gas prices are astronomical these days and the the recent online buzz about multiple gas stations giving out  free gas in Chicago earlier this month proves this. According to AAA’s reports on gas prices across the country, low prices are slightly below $4 per gallon, and in some other parts of the country, that number is closer to $6. If you are worried about the high gas rates, here are some ways to save on gas.

Shop At Your Grocery Store

Although many grocery stores are carrying food items that are also hiking up, the advantage is that quite a few grocery stores offer gas reward programs. The advantage of this is that you are able to stretch your dollar more at the grocery store that you frequent. Many stores also offer points that eventually add up and help you save significantly. 

Use Air

With the long summer months approaching, temperatures will also skyrocket. Turning on the air conditioner seems attractive, but using an AC too often can drain gas quickly. Before turning on the AC, try rolling the windows down for natural air and seeing if that does the trick. While sometimes even the air outside can be scorching, it might be worth it to roll down the window on other occasions.

Pay With Cash

If you pay with cash for your gas, many gas stations across the U.S. are willing to offer a better price. This is a great tip to plan ahead before you visit the gas station on a particular day of the week. It might be worth it to keep cash on hand.

Be Efficient With Your Route 

It is a no-brainer that longer routes will burn through more fuel. Plotting the most fuel-efficient course to your final destination is a smart way to cut your gas bill. Aim for routes with lower traffic, fewer stoplights, and little congestion. A navigation app like Waze effectively shows stoplights and projects potential traffic patterns.

Fill Up On Time

Save Gas By Following The Mechanics

Waiting until the last minute to fill your gas tank increases the chance that you will settle for a gas price that is high. An app like GasBuddy can effectively find real-time fuel prices for you across the U.S.

Be Efficient With Your Route 

Usually, Monday is the cheapest day of the week to fill up your tank, and if Monday does not work well for your schedule, aim for Tuesday or Wednesday. Usually, Friday­­, Saturday and Sunday are the days to avoid if you want to cut costs fuel.

Keep Your Tires Inflated reports that tires that are inflated according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations usually improve mileage by 0.6% on average. If your tires are not up to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it can lead to a 0.2% drop in you car’s gas efficiency. If you would like to find your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended air pressure, check with the manual or an auto mechanic.

Use The Right Car Oil

The motor oil recommended by your vehicle manufacturer (available in your owner’s manual) can also help with fuel efficiency. It is best to stick with the right type of oil for fuel-efficiency. If your vehicle manufacturer doesn’t recommend filling up on premium gas, then stick with the regular gas.

Follow A Maintenance Schedule

Regular and consistent vehicle maintenance goes a long way in improving vehicle fuel economy and reducing toxic emissions. Frequent maintenance can improve the oxygen sensor in good condition and reduce fuel economy by as much as 40%, according to

Get A Costco Card

If you have wanted to become a Costco member, this might be a good time to do it. Many Costco members get a deal that is as low as 60 cents less per gallon. If you need to purchase some gas in bulk, then consider becoming a Costco member. The added benefits are that the membership also saves you money on groceries and home goods.

Turn Your Car Off While Waiting

Another way to save money on gas is to turn off the car when you are not actively driving it. Keeping your car running for an extended period wastes gas­ even if you’re not driving.