Parenting is a full-time job all by itself, and when you combine this with your career, it can be overwhelming.  One way to have more balance in your life is to ask for help and delegate a few household tasks to your spouse and older children. When they pitch in, it makes things less stressful for you.  Another thing you can do is take out time for yourself during the week. On your days off, you might go for a jog and visit your favorite coffeehouse while your spouse or parents look after the kids for a few hours.  Here are additional ways to juggle parenting and your career.

Consider Working from Home

If working outside the home is becoming too much of a challenge, then consider working from home.  Talk to your boss about doing a majority of your work from home and cutting back on the days you go to the office.  If this isn't possible, seek out new remote work opportunities. There are numerous types of work-from-home jobs available. These jobs include graphic designer, freelance writer, web designer, social media manager, and online translator. The good news is that many of these positions offer full-time work.

Maintain a Consistent Morning Routine

You don't have to create a rigid schedule, but for working parents, it's vital that you have a consistent morning routine.  On the night before, pack the kids' lunches and iron the outfits they'll wear in the morning. Prepare your coffeemaker and tidy up certain rooms in the house so that there will be less to clean in the morning. It also helps to do the things you procrastinate on when you first wake up.  If you've been procrastinating on your quiet time and reading devotionals, do this every morning instead of checking emails.

Stop the Working Mom Guilt

You don't have to feel guilty about being a working mom. Your career or business is providing the necessary finances to give your children the things they need and want.  Don't let relatives and friends tell you that your kids will suffer because you're not home with them all the time.  The truth is that your kids learn to be resilient and self-sufficient from your example as a working mom. You're doing a fantastic job.

Don't Take Work Home

When you come home from work, leave your office tasks behind, and focus on your family and yourself.  Use the afternoons to help your kids with their homework and to relax. Don't answer business emails or answer calls from coworkers during family time.  If necessary, place your phone in a different room to reduce the temptation to use it.  Take time to laugh and enjoy your family.  Eat dinner with them and ask everyone how their day went.

You can thrive as a working mom. It just takes structure, a positive attitude, and the ability to separate your personal life from your professional life.