Colds always come at the worst times. They always seem to come right before a get-together, holiday party or ahead of a trip to see friends and family. They tend to sneak up on you. It starts with an unassuming cough or rogue sneeze until you wake up feeling stuffy, achy, and just yucky. 

Luckily, there are a few measures you can take to keep the sniffles at bay. Check out these picks to help you avoid the sniffles, from fashion-forward apparel to practical items!

Keep Warm

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When you feel the temperatures outside drop, it’s only a matter of time before you’re coming down with a cold. There’s something joyous about reaching for a heating pad to stave off the first chilling bites of winter. This heating pad goes above and beyond. It gives the soothing weighted comfort of a warm hug. In addition to massage features that help increase blood flow and sooth muscle pains or soreness. 

You’ll instantly transform your couch or bed into a relaxing spa-like atmosphere. Choose from three different massage modes with nine different combinations. It has three heating levels that you can conveniently control from a remote. It also features automatic shutoff after thirty minutes. This way you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off if you drift into a much-needed nap. 

Bundle Up!

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Maybe not exactly a cold preventative, but why not use it as an excuse to add something cute to your closet! Wrap yourself in the buttery softness of this cashmere sweater spun from the fibers of Mongolian cashmere goats. Lightweight and breathable, the 100 percent soft two-ply cashmere comfortably keeps heat in, arming you from the cold with effortless style.

Designed with a crew neck style and ribbed cuffs, it gives a fitted yet relaxed look. Make this an essential for your selection of winter outfits, with so much versatility from the perfect piece for lounging at home in sweats or yoga pants, pairing with slacks or a skirt for work or even dressing it up with layers for braving the crisp outside air.

New memories unlocked: all those times you were told by adults to wear socks to ward off a cold when you were little. What better way to test that theory and take it to a whole new level with these microwavable scented, yes, scented, boots! Filled with all-natural grain and dried french lavender, you’ll experience the relaxing effects of aromatherapy while keeping your feet snug and warm. 

The super soft fabric feels like walking on a cloud, and may leave even your coziest fuzzy socks collecting dust in a drawer. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long, stressful day—stress does negatively impact your immune system, afterall—or want to soothe tired, achy feet, just heat up these boots in the microwave and kick back.

Hydration Is Key

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Give your immune system the nutrients and antioxidants it needs to fight off viruses while treating your tastebuds with this multipurpose cold press Amazon Chef Juicer. Store-bought pressed juice can be costly, and with an extremely short shelf life, it might expire before you even have the chance to enjoy it. Now, you can create your own concoctions anytime, simply add your favorite fruit and veggies and the seven-segment spiral masticating system perfectly separates the juice from the pulp in seconds.

But why stop at produce? This juicer comes with attachments to make it a versatile kitchen appliance that grinds, slices and shreds meats and cheeses too. And, with its detachable food-grade parts, cleanup is a breeze. Just imagine all the recipes you’ll create! 

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A warm cup of tea on a cold day, especially when you’re not feeling your best, just might do the trick. This assorted tea set comes with 20 different black tea varieties including Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Estate Darjeeling, Black Currant and Orchid Vanilla. Elegantly wrapped in a gift box and tied with a satin ribbon, this makes the perfect gift for yourself that you’ll love displaying on your countertop.

Each tea bag features gourmet teas with diverse, subtle flavors that delicately infuse with a hot cup of water. Open the box to reveal a menu that describes each tea’s flavors and delicate pyramid-shaped tea bags presented in a gold-lined overwrap.  


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Soothe your senses with the benefits of aromatherapy in this essential oil diffuser set. The diffuser itself emits a gentle mist that fills the room with the scent of your choice for up to 15 hours. Choose from two misting options, strong or standard and built-in one-hour, three-hour, six-hour timers for automatic shutoff.

Enjoy the refreshing scent as well as antibacterial and antiviral properties of the ultra-concentrated oils. This set comes with 30 different essential oils made from plants , extracted by steam distillation. Take your pick from oils like relaxing lavender, energizing lemon, earthy cedarwood or sweet vanilla.

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Himalayan salt rock lamps are known for their warm, orange glow, but did you know they’re also useful for deodorizing and cleansing the air and reducing allergy symptoms? This stunning salt rock lamp comes with an integrated dimmer switch so you can adjust the brightness. It also comes fully assembled and with a 15-watt bulb so you can just plug it in and enjoy.

The rock itself is hand-carved from actual Himalayan salt from Pakistan, making each one-of-a-kind in shape. You’ll love the health benefits and the Bohemian vibe it adds to any room!

Melody Beuzelin is a contributor for 21Ninety.
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