Summer is all about rocking protective styles and while that can come with day to day ease, it can also come with a scalp that is more prone to itch, flakiness and dryness.

Because the hair can go untouched, or unwashed, for longer periods of time, it’s important to remember to keep up with the pampering of the scalp, and keep these uncomfortable scalp conditions at bay.

And even if you don’t have a plan to rock any protective styles this summer, incorporating a great scalp treatment into your regimen definitely won’t hurt!

So wait no longer – here are the best treatments to add to your arsenal!

Cantu Tea Tree & Jojoba Hair & Scalp Oil


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Cantu’s Tea Tree & Jojoba Hair and Scalp Oil promises to condition and soothe the scalp while moisturizing hair strands and promoting growth. It protects against breakage and split ends. And can be used on relaxed hair, color-treated hair, permed hair, weaves and extensions. 

Its non-greasy, no-drip formula delivers the right amount of oil to the scalp and it’s made with pure shea butter, tea tree and jojoba oil.

Mizani Scalp Care Calming Lotion


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Mizani’s Scalp Care Calming Lotion promises to work on every texture of hair and curly type. It’s infused with “nourishing and cooling aloe vera, avocado oil and eucalyptus ingredients.” And delivers an invigorating feeling to the scalp which ensures that it’s working magic.

SH-RD Scalp Essences


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SH-RD needs to be a must-have brand on your list of hair and scalp treatments because it truly has a product to target every concern. The brand offers a Scalp Revival Kit which consists of the Resolve Scalp Essence, Refresh Scalp Essence and Revive Scalp Essence. 

The Resolve Scalp Essence works to balance oil secretion, revitalize the scalp, and provide moisture and strength to the hair shaft. The Refresh Scalp Essence stimulates circulation to the scalp, adds shine to the hair, and strengthens. And the Revive Scalp Essence stimulates the growth of hair follicles, and increases hair density and volume.

Jozi Curls Hair & Scalp Oil


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Jozi Curl’s Hair and Scalp Oil features a lightweight, non-greasy formula which adds softness and shine to the hair shaft. It leaves the scalp feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, and is formulated with African plant extracts, baobab, moringa and aloe vera.

This product is recommended for dry hair, dry scalp and split ends.