Sis, if you haven’t logged your first run of the year yet, don’t feel too bad. While many of us come out of the holidays thinking we’re about to kick our fitness routines back into gear, the reality is that January is the dead of winter. So it’s not really surprising that you spent the first few weeks of the year in hibernation mode.

But honey, Spring is springing! The temperatures are warming up, your travel schedule is starting to fill up and it’s time to get back outside. And Nike’s Bloom Run Collection has arrived just in time to get back on track– literally and figuratively. Comprised of four shoes, the collection features bright, bold colors and intuitive design that support every stride and every style. If you know like we know, nothing motivates you to get back into workout mode quite like having some fly new gear… especially when that fly gear is also comfortable and functional.

So get into this celebration of self-renewal, self-love and already being that girl! Because you’re not a work in progress: you are already in bloom.

Nike Winflo 10 Women’s Road Running Shoes

No matter your fitness level or how dedicated of a runner you are, the Nike Winflo 10 is a great shoe to have in your arsenal. This neutral support shoe offers a balanced ride to help you kickstart your run. The subdued white, yellow, pink and baby blue colorway can easily be paired with a number of looks in your closet. And the extra room in the forefront combined with the springy Nike Air technology offers a comfortable bouncy feel that will make your 15th run just as much of a breeze as your first.

Nike Vomero 17 Women’s Road Running Shoes

If long distance runs are your jam, the Nike Vomero 17 is here to pack extra energy into every mile. This iteration of the shoe boasts across-the-board enhancements which make it more breathable and comfortable than you might even imagine. And the stacked foam sole not only gives you next-level responsiveness when you’re ready to kick it up a notch; it also makes it on trend with a lot of designer/leisure sneakers. So you can look even better as you hit your stride.

Nike Invincible 3 Women’s Road Running Shoes

As far as the colorway goes, this is one of the two louder versions in the Nike Bloom Collection. But the Nike Invincible 3 does more than make a fashion statement, boldly proclaiming your renewed push to run the world. It also offers the highest level of underfoot comfort, a major key if you’re a frequent runner, getting those miles in multiple times a week. The bouncy ZoomX foam keeps you stable and fresh while you run; which also makes it easier for you to transition from dominating your run to dominating your evening errands or high-protein Saturday brunch.

Nike InfinityRN 4 Women’s Road Running Shoes

Don’t let the soft pastel yellow upper or the sparkly midsole treatment fool you: this super cute shoe is all business. A brand-new take on a familiar fave, the Nike InfinityRN 4 features the proprietary Nike ReactX foam, which offers even more energy return with each step than its predecessor. That means every step you take powers your next, helping you stay in your zone as you push through your run. That extra power joins forces with Nike best-fitting Flyknit, offering you both breathability and soft upper support. And as a bonus, this shoe is part of Nike’s concerted effort to reduce its carbon footprint, one pair of midsoles at a time.