Candle lovers understand how something as simple as scent can alter the vibes of a space. Some scents inspire energy, mental clarity, romance and relaxation. There are so many difference scents on the market that would make the perfect gifts for candle lovers.

These candles not only add soothing and invigorating scents to the air, but also look great in any space as decor. Whether the candle serves to ignite a solitary ambiance for an evening at home or set the mood for an intimate night with their significant other, there’s a candle on this list that’ll make any candle lover ignite with joy.

Joe + Monroe Pineapple Sage Candle

Photo Courtesy of Picture credit: Joe + Monroe

This candle is perfect for someone with a love for all things tropical. The blend of pineapple with palm, anise and green leaves is divine and perfectly rounded out by sage. The sienna-colored, handmade concrete vessel will look great with any decor. With 80 hours of burn time, your favorite candle lover can make paradise wherever they are.

The Black Home Noir Candle

Photo Courtesy of Picture credit: The Black Home

Ylang ylang, geranium and rosewood combine in The Black Home’s Noir candle to provide an amazing gift for candle lovers. Hand-poured in New York, the scent is fresh, clean and airy. The delicate blend is reminiscent of fresh baby powder. Housed in a beautiful, weighted black vessel, the candle is made with a 100 percent renewable soy coconut wax blend.

Harlem Candle Company After Dark Luxury Candle

Photo Courtesy of Picture credit: Amazon

Gift your special someone a candle inspired by the Harlem Renaissance with After Dark. This luxury candle is hand-poured into a black glass jar. The scent of florals, spices, woods, and musk will fill their space for up to 80 hours. After the candle is spent, the jar can be repurposed as a vase, votive holder or a cocktail glass.

FORVR Mood Chasing Waterfalls Candle

Photo Courtesy of Picture credit: Sephora

This small, but mighty candle throws exotic notes of bergamot, sweet camelia, smooth textures of sandalwood and caramelized vanilla. It is the perfect gift for candle lovers who enjoy smooth scents.

Being Frenshe Reset Candle

Photo Courtesy of Picture credit: Target

Help them enhance their self-care routine with this candle. With notes of fresh lavender, milky sandalwood, and sweet cardamom blending together, this candle invites a sense of relaxation. The single wick makes it better for smaller spaces, like an office or workout room. As they breathe the calming scent, they’ll feel more uplifted.

White Barn 3-Wick Tree Farm Candle

Photo Courtesy of Picture credit: Bath & Body Works

They might also enjoy a candle that’ll fill their home with the smell of the great outdoors. This three-wick candle literally smells like shopping around for a Christmas tree. The candle offers a large throw and will fill the entire space with the sweet smell of crisp pine needles, warm cedar and spiced apples.

Boy Smells Grace Candle

Photo Courtesy of Picture credit: Boy Smells

This candle is inspired by the iconic Grace Jones and celebrates the fluidity of identity. It also pays home to her home country, Jamaica. Lighting this candle will ignite the scent of cool rainfall, waterlilies, fresh freesia, and black pepper and bergamot. This gift for candle lovers will make them feel as if they’re oceanside, soaking up the sun.

Homesick Barbie Dreamhouse Candle

Photo Courtesy of Picture credit: Homesick

Experience the fantastic life in plastic with this candle inspired by the most famous doll ever made. The Barbie Dreamhouse Candle will transport you to her Malibu palace with hints of rose and jasmine. Made with custom oils in a reusable glass jar, you’ll get over 60 hours of burn time.

Birthdate Candle

Photo Courtesy of Picture credit: Amazon

For a gift for the astrologically obsessed candle lovers, this birthdate candle is a unique gift for the holiday season. Each candle features information about that birthdate and the zodiac sign associated with it. To craft the perfect scent, they combine astrology, numerology and tarot for a fragrance specifically for your loved one.

Homecourt Steeped Rose Candle

Photo Courtesy of Picture credit: Homecourt

This rose-scented candle is great for those who love the smell of a fresh bouquet. The keynotes of rosewater, geranium oil and ylang ylang will enhance the ambiance of their space. Choose a ceramic vessel in one of the five different colors to fit their decor or aesthetic. They’ll get excellent throw and over 60 hours of burn time as they enjoy the lush fragrance.

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