We love to see our favorites staying booked and busy. Keke Palmer has solidified herself not only as one of the most talented actresses in the game but also as a host, brand ambassador and arguably one of the funniest people on social media. The 27-year-old actress shared the poster for her highly-anticipated project Nope from the mind of visionary director Jordan Peele and we cannot wait to see her on the big screen again. 

Her last project, Hustlers, was critically acclaimed and saw her alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood. From music to movies, she never misses a moment to remind us that she's not one to sleep on. In honor of us getting more KeKe next summer, here are eight times she reminded us that she’s supremely talented. 

She played five different roles when she won an Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a short form Comedy or Drama Series. 

Her #Southernbelleinsults videos where she delivers the perfect shade in character.

When she reminded us that she's a GROWN woman who cannot be contained...

When she showed us she had BARS.

When she proved that she could serve a LOOK!

When she expertly recreated this early '00s video moment.

When she proved that she goes through the same inner dialogue that we do.

When she gave us new bops to roll to!

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