Model and multi-talented actress Essence Atkins has a great sense of humor and quiet strength. But she is also someone who displays a sense of natural beauty and poise. The TV star, known for her roles in UPN's Half & Half and NBC's side-splitting sitcom Marlon, has a subtle beauty that still stands out and shines bright. How does she maintain her beauty glow? Keep reading to find out.


Many people don't realize that beauty isn't just looking good on the outside. It's also about feeling good on the inside. It can be challenging to attract healthy relationships when you don't possess the confidence from within. Essence says that her internal growth and learning herself has been a highlight throughout her life and career. She accepts the simple fact that she makes mistakes just like everyone else. Once you stop being so hard and critical of yourself, chances are you'll begin to appreciate the person you are, both inside and out. 


Essence is known for always rocking her gorgeous natural hair. Many Black actresses are fearful of rocking their natural tresses in the television industry, but not Essence. She isn't afraid to do so, and she encourages other Black women to stop worrying about everyone else's standard of beauty and instead create their own. Because, in all honesty, there aren't any rules on how a Black woman's hair should look. Luckily, natural hair is becoming more acceptable, not just in the television industry but across the board. Kudos to Essence and other actresses who have helped to change the narrative. 


Essence Atkins loves to display her natural beauty with minimum to no makeup. While she enjoys accentuating her features with more defined brows, blush, contouring, neutral eye shadow, and an often natural lip, she doesn't mind going out with no makeup at all! Remember, ladies; confidence is the best beauty secret any woman can have.