I’ve always loved a good wig. When lace wigs first started becoming popular, I watched countless Youtube videos explaining how to install them properly. From learning how to create a proper bald cap, to the best methods to glue the wig down, I felt like I was a professional. It wasn’t until I started to notice how exhausting it was to upkeep a glued-on lace wig, that I started to realize that this practice wasn’t sustainable. It wasn’t just me. I would also see celebrities share their frustrations with having a wig installed. Some even went so far as hiring people to upkeep the wigs for them!

Just when I was about to give up on lace wigs, the glueless wig became popular and revolutionized the way women found pride in their hairstyles. I saw many videos of women installing their own glueless wigs and was amazed at how natural they looked. In my mind, however, I thought it all was too good to be true. I eventually realized, to confirm if glueless wigs are truly easy to install, I’d have to install one myself. Enter Luvme Hair. The company sent over three wigs for me to install and review giving the perfect opportunity to test out glueless wigs.

Why Glueless Wigs?

Glueless wigs are a fantastic choice for numerous reasons. They safeguard natural hair from heat and chemicals, conceal hair loss effectively, and provide comfort in hot weather due to their breathability. Their affordability, crafted from 100 percent human hair, and low maintenance make them accessible and easy to manage. Additionally, their natural appearance and lace front feature ensure a seamless, realistic look. In essence, glueless wigs offer convenience, affordability, and authenticity, making them an ideal option for those seeking both style and comfort. They are also the better option for keeping your edges intact!

Are Gluess Wigs as Easy as They Say?

Photo Courtesy of Luvme Hair

As I’ve said, I was a skeptic for sure. Because of that, I felt it would be easier to calm my nerves if I started with a wig that wasn’t a lace front, just to see how realistic it could be.

The African-American Texture Bob was a great start for me because although there wasn’t lace in the front, it still felt like it was coming out of my scalp. Sometimes, with wigs that have bangs, manufacturers overlook the need for a part at the top of the head. This wig had lace up top to mimic the part in your own hair. 

After I got over my fear, I moved on to the bob. Immediately when I put it on I was in awe.

I always believed that in order for lace to look like it’s coming out of your scalp, it would have to be glued down and loads of spray needed to be applied. However, immediately when I popped it on, it looked exactly like my skin. The lace isn’t as clear as what HD lace would have been, but it absolutely got the job done.

Photo Courtesy of Luvme Hair

The piece de resistance for me was from the brand’s newest Ready To Go HD lace line. Personally, if I’m wearing a wig, I need it to touch the middle of my back at minimum and this one did just that.

Aside from the lace being absolutely stunning, the hair quality was commendable. The wig came prestyled and precut so it was easy for me to pop the wig on, comb out the curls and have a look ready to go! I actually had to make plans because somebody needed to see this wig ASAP!

Final Thoughts

I never thought I’d see the day, but I’m now a believer in glueless wigs. It is important to note, however, that the “lace where?” notion is simply an exaggeration. The lace will always be there and people will see it. It is mainly about making sure that it is being blended into your skin as best as possible to achieve the illusion that the wig is growing out of your scalp!

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