Fast-rising rappers GloRilla and Doechii have been named one of Rolling Stone’s future of music artists. The inaugural Future 25 package by Rolling Stone spotlights 25 fast-rising artists who are breaking grounds with their craft. The list also includes other Black female artists such as the UK girl group Flo, singer-songwriter Brittney Spencer, Sudan Archives, and Baby Rose.

According to the list’s introduction, which was put together with the help of Bad Bunny, “What all of them have in common is the thrill of something new.”

The Birth of Stars

Rappers GloRilla and Doechii represent a new class of female rappers shifting the landscape of hip-hop. GloRilla rose to fame last year with “F.N.F” and “Tomorrow 2” which went on to feature Cardi B. She released an EP, “Anyways, Life’s Great,” in November to huge critical acclaim. In her Rolling Stone interview, she talked about what she hopes to achieve with her forthcoming debut album.

“I don’t want to be labeled as just a ratchet rapper, you know what I’m saying?” she told Rolling Stone. “I’m going for different vibes — stuff that everybody can relate to. Of course I’m going to put my ratchet, fun shit out, because that’s what I blew up with. [But] I want to actually talk to people, let them know … I can talk some real shit. I can go gospel. I can do a little R&B.”

Doechii, on the other hand, has been on a steady rise since her single “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake” went viral on TikTok. She has gone on to release other songs such as “Crazy” and “What It Is.” Doechii also recently performed at the 2023 BET Awards show, making 21Ninety’s list of best performances of the night. In her interview with Rolling Stone, Doechii described her forthcoming album as conceptual.