Grace Jones has been an icon for decades but many younger people are just starting to understanding the extent of her prowess. After being featured on Beyoncé’s “Renaissance,” many young fans began to look into who exactly Grace Jones is and what she is all about.

Along with her recent “Renaissance” appearance, Jone was also featured on Janelle Monae’s newest album “The Age of Pleasure” which was released on Friday. Jones became the number one trending topic on Twitter as users unraveled several facts and intricacies of the legend. First, it’s important to understand who she is.

Who Is Grace Jones?

Grace Jones is a Jamaican singer, actress, and model. She rose to fame in the late 70’s and early 80’s not only due to her music, but also because of her unique artistic nature. Her avant-garde style, androgynous image, and powerful voice intrigued listeners. This also made her a queer icon. She effortlessly became a trailblazer in the music industry with hits like “Pull Up to the Bumper” and “Slave to the Rhythm.”

In addition to her music career, Jones made waves in the fashion world with her original looks and fearless attitude. She worked with renowned designers to break many beauty standards. Her influence has transcended music and fashion into the film industry where Jones has also made her mark. She was featured in films like “Conan the Destroyer” and “Boomerang.”

Iconic Moments

Pull Up To The Bumper

One of Jones’ most iconic moments was her hit song “Pull Up To The Bumper.” The song is one of her most well-known singles. Depending on who you ask, the song was pretty infamous. She received backlash from the public about the lyrics being too provocative but consistently denied that they alluded to any particular sexual act.

Live Slap

Jones is not only an icon for breaking barriers, she also was 100% unapologetically herself. So much so, that she had no issue slapping TV show host Russell Harty live on air. In her 2015 memoir, “I’ll Never Write My Memoirs,” she discussed the incident.

“I was meant to sit next to Russell Harty and keep still and quiet. I was all dressed up like an Amazonian seductress, and treated like the hired help. I thought, ‘This is no way to treat a guest,'” Jones wrote.

She went on to explain that after being ignored and often talked over, she slapped him several times.

“I did him a favor,” she concluded.

Performances to Remember

Throughout her career, Jones’ has delivered intriguing and captivating peformances. She always keeps fans on their toes. During her 2015 performance at Afropunk, the singer gave fans a grand finale by performing “Slave To The Rhythm” topless and hula-hooping. The hula-hoop is a consistent prop of hers, the topless bit often gets her in trouble. In a 1998 performance at Disney World, she proceeded to perform topless. She is now permanently banned from the amusement park.