While on a stay-cation with her husband, Tabitha Brown noticed something on her body that shocked her: gray pubic hair.

She shared with her followers that she was putting on lotion after a shower, where she noticed the change. During her explanation, the Emmy Award-winning host mentioned that her vulva, which she affectionately refers to as “Katherine,” used to give “lush green tropical vibes.” However, since beginning perimenopause, a natural process she refers to as her friend “Peri,” she says there’s a lot more “snow” on her vulva.


Oh dear Katherine😩. When did it begin😩. I mean I ain’t mad about, I just wanted to know how I missed it😩 #womanhood #perimenopause #tabithabrown

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Brown ended her video by asking her followers, if “anyone else get caught off guard when you go from tropical to cold weather?” Gray pubic hairs are a natural occurrence that ultimately shocks most women. There are many factors that can contribute to gray public hairs appearing on the vulva. Gynecologist Amy Novatt shared that some of the causes, include age, stress, genetics, vitiligo, a vitamin B12 deficiency, and fungal and lice infections.


Novatt confirmed that Brown’s “Katherine” started graying because of her age. Her friend “Peri” caused gray hairs to appear on her vulva.

“Gray hair is a sign of the aging process and may be first seen during the perimenopause as your hormonal milieu is changing and you are getting older,” Novatt explained to 21Ninety.


Along with age, Novatt said that your genetics play a huge part in the graying of your vulva. Similar to the hair on your head, gray pubic hairs may come earlier or later in life, depending on your genetic history. 


If you tend to notice gray hairs on your head when you’re stressed out, then the same can happen to your “Katherine.”

“Stress and smoking, which can accelerate aging, might cause the hair to gray earlier,” Novatt said.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Novatt mentioned that if you are deficient in vitamin B12, then you may notice gray hairs appearing on your vulva. Vitamin B12 is a part of the hair follicle production process. If you’re not getting enough of the vitamin, your hair color can change. Common symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include weak muscles, numbness, trouble walking, nausea, weight loss, irritability, fatigue, and increased heart rate.


Some skin conditions, including vitiligo, can cause gray pubic hair to appear downstairs, according to Novatt. Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder that causes skin to lose pigment. When pigment is lost in the skin, it can also be lost in the hair follicle.  

When Do You See the Doctor?

While most causes for gray pubic hairs aren’t catastrophic, there are a few scenarios where you might want to see your doctor. If you feel like you are deficient in vitamin B12 or you believe that you have a fungal or lice infection, you’ll want to see a doctor.

If you are noticing gray public hair at a young age, you may want to see a dermatologist. This will help ensure there is no other reason other than genetics causing this early graying.